Documentary oral: close to the end of the year, after 95 female teacher net love encounter “kill pig dish”, cheated 159,000

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Write before: not title party, this is a real case happened in my side, I hope that the friends who brush this article can stick to it, but also hope that this feature can play a warning role to people who are suffering from “killing pig dish”.Protect your privacy and wallet in the world of online social networking.(This article is adapted from a real case and the names of the names and places in this article are changed to protect the privacy of the victims.) My name is Xiaoyu. I graduated from a second normal university.In early January 2022, due to the epidemic, the kindergarten gave children an early holiday.My teacher in charge also ushered in a long winter vacation of 50 days.In the first few days of the holiday, every day the cat ate and drank in the dormitory, watching Korean dramas, very comfortable, until that day, I received his message on the mobile phone…We are in the S * * * (a social software), and I met on the day I share a S * * * on what they are watching the TV drama, his direct messages told me that he is after the show, see my comments for the show have a lot of feelings, then forget who first mention feelings, break up because I was the state is more than two years have not met the right person,He said that he was also in a relationship gap, so we talked for a long time that day, from American TV series to hobbies and music to philosophy. We told each other our little secrets, and gradually he and I began to know each other.He said that he was born in 1992 and lived in a provincial capital city in south China, only one province away from me. He claimed that he was 183CM tall and worked in the financial industry. The most common place he went to after work was the gym, and he sent me several photos of the gym.I also practiced yoga at the gym for a while when I was just out of school, so I asked him some questions about fitness, and I could feel his answers were very professional.Then, we added a WeChat each other, start every day morning good night, the night also voice calls, send pictures to each other, after about a week, he said he is very good feeling for me, he joked “I one meter 83 height with your purpose is, is not quite match, if you also think so, then we can together it”.It may be the reason that he has been single for a long time. To tell the truth, I was quite moved at that time, and his condition was not bad, he had a house and a car, and his figure and appearance were my favorite type.From the day he confessed his love, our relationship began to change. He would call me Bao Bao, and I would call him Oba.We still share our lives constantly. He is very attentive to me. He often urges me to eat and orders take-out food and fruit for me.Every time I send him a message, he responds very quickly.So I even joked with him, “If I get fired, how can I support my family?”He jokingly replied, “If I get fired, I will go home and inherit the family fortune.”In this relationship, I admit, I have fallen.I thought, I have been fed dog food this time can finally off the single, matchmaker is not thin to me.But around January 20, things got out of hand.That day, he said that his company was working on a financial project, similar to stocks and funds. He was the person in charge of this project, and he was under great pressure. I comforted him by saying that I also played with stocks and funds, and it was normal to lose money or make money.He said that the project of his company had a much higher return than stocks and funds, so he could take me to play with him when he was free. I thought he was just making casual remarks.I don’t mind, but a day later, he sent me a web site, saying he is responsible for the project, he now just free can take me to earn profits, to be honest I wasn’t bothered about what o investment financing, they usually buy buy casually, after buying has put it, when to think of it when the earnings.So when he told me, I said no, I wasn’t interested.He began to say that I did not respect his achievements, and I was afraid that he would be angry, so I immediately took out 1000 yuan to coax him into saying that I was willing to invest in this project with him.I thought $1,000 wasn’t much, and it wasn’t a big deal to lose it all.And I had heard of his company, which was well known in the financial industry, so I would never have thought it was a scam.Under his guidance, I downloaded an APP and then asked me to invest in the project with him. At the beginning, I bought the APP for three times with 1000 yuan and made more than 200 yuan.Then he asked me to “pay gold,” which means withdraw cash.The money was soon transferred to my credit card.With this experience, I’m also more relaxed about investing.The next day, he let me take out 3000 again, less than an hour of time, I earned more than 500, but also withdraw cash success.I thought, “That’s how money is made in finance!”But then it turned out THAT I was thinking too much.The first two sweeteners were only foreshadowing an even bigger scam.The third day, he asked to invest 60,000 yuan with him, I said this is too much, in case of loss how to do.But he said that there was no contingency, this project he had calculated many times before planning, in order to eliminate the probability of “contingency”.He also said that by earning more now, he can give his children a better condition when he gets married in the future.After he half pushed me, I followed suit.But this time, it did not make as much profit as the previous two times. When I was about to ask, he suddenly asked me, “Which project did you invest in just now? You made a mistake!”Being so said by him, I was also a little panic, really thought it was his careless operation wrong, immediately asked him how to do, he said that if I withdraw cash now, can only raise less than 20,000, equivalent to a loss of 40,000, but nothing, as long as another 100,000, not only can return the capital, but also earn.And repeatedly told me that this time must not be careless, must do according to his orders.At that time, I only had more than 50,000 yuan in my card, so I told him that the money was not enough.Instead of his usual gentle attitude, he strongly asked me to find my own way to borrow money, online loans, credit cards.He said that because of my mistake, let his money was also set in, he also had to continue to follow the cast, and the number is very large, so there is no spare money to help me cushion, later recall, at that time I was how stupid, just believe his nonsense.I turned to my college roommate for help, hoping to borrow some money from her.Roommate than I am alert, asked me whether I met a cheater, laughable is that I also tried to defend him, to the roommate said no, is a little urgent, urgent use of 50 thousand yuan money.She’ll have it back tomorrow.My roommate said that he had just bought a house and did not have so much, but only 20,000 yuan. I said 20,000 yuan would do, and I would try again if it was not enough.In this way, I pooled 50,000 yuan with my roommate and online loan, plus 50,000 yuan in my own card, a total of 100,000 yuan, I invested in again.Before I invested, I told him on wechat that I borrowed the money and promised to pay it back tomorrow.He also assured me that as long as I followed his steps, there would be no problem.After the operation, I felt a little tightness in my chest, so I told him to go downstairs and get some air and to call me if the project was paid back.He replied “ok” on wechat.To my surprise, the word “good” became the last thing he said to me.I kept my cell phone in my hand for fear of missing the call.But after a long time did not wait for his phone call, even wechat did not talk to me again.I couldn’t help but ask how it was, but I realized he had blocked me.I hurried to call him, but the other party has been turned off, as if the whole person disappeared from the world.Then IT dawned on me that I might have met a liar.My hands shook uncontrollably, my eyes went black, and I felt the whole world collapse.I don’t know how long I cried that day, but when I think about it now, I can’t help crying.Getting ripped off is one thing, but the worst part is, I thought I met prince Charming, and I ended up like this.Accompanied by my parents, I went to the police. Because I had “earned” more than 700 yuan before, the police station decided that I was actually cheated of 159,300 yuan.Now I share this story through the interview of “High-dimensional Reading”, hoping to remind the sisters that two-way love does exist, but we must be careful when talking about online relationships, especially in terms of assets.At the same time, I also want to say to those who have the same misfortune as me, “Don’t feel that life is meaningless because of this incident, let alone do stupid things to kill yourself. I believe that the world is fair, it makes us lose something somewhere, but it will give us back in another way someday in the future.Whatever you do, don’t lose your zest for life and your desire for tomorrow.”High dimensional reading interpretation:If readers can see here, must be paid great attention to this matter, in fact, for the so-called “kill pig”, while the years have always had, but by big data can be found that the last two or three years, the number of people were tricked into significant growth, many people may have a question, why such a simple scheme, but it can easily fool so many victims,It is also widely believed that women who are cheated are too “ignorant” and “emotional”, because they have little social experience, because they have not been beaten by society, so they can only be cheated.In fact, HERE, I would like to say that a lot of people may not agree with a point of view, in a part of the murdered pig swindle money and emotional women, they may have a certain understanding of the deception in their hearts, but at the key time or willing to give emotional and money out.I don’t know how many of you remember this news:A man with a junior high school graduation, pretend to be rich second generation, kill pig set by design, in a short span of two years, exchanges more than 20 women at the same time, the fraud amount is up to more than 900 women property, more oddly, the man was in the same building at the same time communicate with three women, and in which a woman is pregnant for him.And the women who were cheated, among them there are many highly educated women.Do these women have no independent views?Are people stupid and rich?Are you green behind the ears?Perhaps not, but many people, both men and women, are in a high state of mind of “emotional deficiency”.The women who had been cheated had fewer relationships in their lives, and less attention from friends or colleagues.So when a “set” packing is good, take care care of yourself, meticulous “perfect boyfriend”, yourself fall in love also is not difficult to understand, although they had a trace of doubt and apprehension in the heart, but in the face of love offensive, they hit the bottom of my heart automatically ignores some odd and loopholes, just want to own everything to each other.So what can women do to prevent such problems in the future?In fact, “Women must understand some social psychology” in this book has been explained in place, in short, there are three words “do not greedy” : in life, whether men and women, they own what conditions, so they basically meet people with the same conditions.As for “noblemen”, they are fairy tales at best. Do you believe in Snow White and Prince Charming?There may be, but few, and if there are, do you believe that Snow White and Prince Charming are here for you?If you believe that, and I’m not being rude, I just want to say that I wish you the best, because as far as I’m concerned, you’re the target group.In the woman must know the point of social psychology, the book, how how women social, fraud prevention has made many cases analysis and interpretation, which put forward many to talk about, such as “too stupid” pure “sincere need scale” “in the face of the strange man’s sweet words should be how to deal with” and so on are of great help for women in social life.The sky is dark, the road is slippery, the heart is complicated, wish every female reader can always keep awake, can see through the social trap as soon as possible, protect their own property safety.