A night in the red is worth a thousand dollars

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Sun Fengzhang (Leng Wa) tied the knot and vowed to win the marriage.Hakka culture first stop!The third day of the year, is Mr. Xiao Guoqing, Ms. Qi Language wedding day.They are the descendants of the Hakka family. They got married and had a son. What a double happiness!Due to the epidemic, they got married two years ago.Both received red-hot gold-plated marriage certificates.Times charm, epidemic situation, Qi Jian language gave birth to his baby, has been two years old now.Ganzhou Famous kitchen Hotel, in accordance with the city’s prevention and control headquarters, firmly remember the severity of the epidemic, strictly check, do detection scan code, all for family health, dedicated to harmony and peace.The flowers of integrity are blossoming. I wish you happiness and win-win cooperation.In this simple wedding, the plain Hakka people, add happiness add the source of taste.The world of mortals have you, I love the marriage with the same as the universe, a hundred years of good happiness.At this moment, in this beautiful moment, sharing the joy of chaos, groomsmen and bridesmaids appearance, thriving gallantry.Congratulations to Mr. Xiao Guoqing, Ms. Qi Jianyu and their children on their birthdays.Hakka wedding banquet, catering variety, ingenuity.On this festive day, colorful patterns are presented, tables and seats are separated from each other far away, Windows are kept bright and airy, and disinfection supplies are specified everywhere.On the table, wine red Chinese smoke, potential points three foot ding, xuxudian food decoration is full, lively, feeling than jin Jian.The wedding banquet is economical and economical, advocating civilized and healthy catering.Marriage vows simple popular, thrifty, against extravagance and waste.Congratulations to the newlywed couple on their honeymoon.Thrifty, cautious and conscientious, create success.The guests here, singing feast spring ode to the motherland, Xi Ying extremely feeling quite rich, a moment worth a daughter, love full world to build moments.Leng Wa, born in Shanghai, real name Sun Fengzhang, is now the registered member of “Chinese and Foreign Poets” of CCTV Century Collection Group, and the president of Yangtze River Branch.”Jiangnan Literature”, “Xinxu Literature”, “Chinese folk Literature garden” special writer, signed poet.Editor of “Nanhu — Selected Poems celebrating the Centenary of the Founding of the Party”.National first-class artist, good at piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, creative art dream pursuer, known by netizens as “versatile artist, travel expert”.We have traveled to 18 countries to practice the world’s wind collection.His works have been published in urban Headlines and other media. On the official platform, he has won the first prize of poetry competition, chief Artist and the most influential Artist in the New era.Calligraphy and painting works have been collected by people at home and abroad.In “Chinese and foreign poets” published many personal works album.The poem “Nanhu” with the same title has been compiled into “Nanhu — Selected Poems to Celebrate the Centenary of the Founding of the CPC” inscribed by Consultant He Jingzhi, which has been published worldwide and won the “Excellence Award” and the honorary title of “Outstanding Poet in the Centenary of the Founding of the CPC”.Release editor/Gongga Li Guangyou