Wrong Stanley Wang chao!Be eaten raw + send some not injustice, Japan 8 million God feng no solution, Saudi Arabia also suffer

2022-05-08 0 By

World Cup qualifier 8 rounds, the team’s arch-enemy Japan welcomed more powerful rival Saudi Arabia at home, it’s Friday night in group B, the Saudi 19 points ranked first, Japan is the second 15 points, in the first leg in Saudi Arabia a shock 1-0 defeat the samurai blue, it’s a rivet for bao, ready to dry at home over the head of the local tyrants,ITO pure also once again became the focus of the audience.As a result of the group qualifying situation, so the two teams are very strong, physical confrontation is quite intense.Saudi Arabia’s Alessandro Blehi was booked for a challenge in the third minute, but it was not long before home side Japan took control.31 minutes, the pitch of the deadlock is broken, the east plain also received after teammate’s pass on the right, use speed advantage raw Saudi defender, then complete the heretics overtaking, near the snap to the bottom line, the east of pure cross high speed also put on south wild billiton, which alert button a left-footed after open defensive player, the ball hit after goalkeeper body bounces on the net, at 1-0.At least 80% of the credit for this goal should be attributed to Junya ITO. He relied on his body and speed to eat the Saudi players raw on the right side, which was not harmful and insulting. This scene of the Saudi defender’s discomfiting also reminded fans of the scene in the previous two rounds when Junya ITO made a sudden attack on Wang.As an 8 million euro (60 million YUAN) Belgian First League champion, ITO’s ability is indeed the top in Asia, let alone a national football player, now even the Saudis can not limit him, it can be said that Wang Was repeatedly awarded penalties is not justified.However belong to ITO Junya’s individual performance is not over.Four minutes into the second half, ITO, who is used to making wedding clothes for his teammates, finished the game himself.This time he received a cross from his team-mate on the left in front of the penalty area, only to rub his chest.Setting the ball at the feet of his main man, he unleashed a cannonball with his right foot that flew flat and fast into the far corner of the net beyond the reach of the Saudi keeper, and it was ITO’s shot that put Japan 2-0 up.Thanks to his goal and assist, Japan got revenge on Saudi Arabia and moved to 18 points, one point behind Saudi Arabia, putting them in a good position to qualify for the World Cup.If his first goal was any indication of his speed and competitive edge, it was a demonstration of his superb footwork and his ability to take chances.See ITO junjun also such a strong performance, must be Japanese fans have forgotten that Minamano Takashi is their first brother.Saudi Arabia’s 2-0 defeat can indeed comfort Chinese fans.After all, the National football team has only lost two goals to Japan.ITO is certainly capable of playing in the top five leagues. He has scored six goals and five assists in 11 World Cup matches so far, making him Japan’s absolute thigh.Stanley wang was blown up by him before is also in the reasonable, ITO Chun is indeed a better and faster player.