Worthy of being the crown of small kai 800 years ago, the beauty is fresh and refined!

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If we could select one all-rounder from 3,000 years of calligraphy history, there would be two people on the list, one is Su Dongpo and the other is Zhao Ziang.Zhao Ziang was born into the royal family. He was the descendant of The King of Qin de Fang, who was also the descendant of Zhao Kuangyin, the emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty. By zhao Ziang’s generation, the family had completely declined.In calligraphy, it is said that When Zhao Ziang was 5 years old, he had copied Zhiyong’s “True Grass thousand Characters” 500 times, so from the diligence of calligraphy and talent, Zhao Ziang is rare in the history of calligraphy.So he was able to “write thirty thousand words a day”, just famous world.Zhao Ziang can be compared with Ouyang Xun, Yan Zhenqing and Liu Gongquan in regular script. After experiencing the peak of the Song Dynasty, zhao Ziang can also be compared with the Tang Dynasty. Zhao Ziang does have extraordinary talent.