What are the aspects of car modification design

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Nowadays, car owners’ personalized demand for their cars is becoming stronger and stronger, so more and more car owners will refit their cars.But in the process of modification, it is also necessary to fully understand the method of modification, otherwise in the case of bad modification, it is easy to have traffic accidents.So, what is the car modification method?What technologies are involved in car modification?Take a look at the detailed introduction below!Cars outside 1, fender flares, rain, light brow eyebrow installation and maintenance of safety rod before and after 2, 3, rack installation to install 4, fenders, and the installation of the license plate frame 5, the installation of the pedal and boneless wiper six changes under the motivation, surrounded by large 7 installation, the installation of the guard plate 8, automotive curtain installation 9, wheel cover installation and the installation of the grounding of 10, the installation of exhaust hood and tail pipes 11, the installation of the engine mask 12 13, chassis, the installation of the tail lights installed cars within 1, seat the dismantling of 2, installation and maintenance of the peach wooden interior 3, handmade and the installation of the steering wheel covers 4, cloth seat cover replacement 5, interior repair decoration design scheme of forming plastic flooring, plastic flooring welding method 7, 6 of 8, steering wheel modified 9 installation, sports carSeat refit car stereo refit 1, CD, VCD line speed base 2, CD, VCD basic tuning (what is treble, what is alto, what is bass, before and after the balance sound debugging) 3, CD, DVD high frequency sound source low frequency sound source understanding 4, CD,DVD video and audio input and output understanding 5, the difference between car power amplifier and household power amplifier 6, the basic knowledge of car functions 7, high and low frequency input and output of car power amplifier 8, car power amplifier bridge method 9, car power amplifier debugging (treble, mid-tone, bass,Mixing sound debugging) 10, the understanding and use of audio filter 11, the understanding and use of power filter 12, the basic knowledge of loudspeaker 13, set of loudspeaker filter understanding 14, coaxial loudspeaker understanding 15, two-frequency loudspeaker 16, three-frequency loudspeaker.Power modification, lamp modification, audio modification and so on, are more common ways of car modification, we are in the pursuit of performance at the same time of personalized requirements are becoming higher and higher.However, too much pursuit of performance increase, personality display will sometimes affect the final effect of modification.Note that there are certain rules to follow.The appearance of the main parts of the selection of reasonable modification surrounding and diversion parts surrounded and diversion parts is mainly to reduce the role of wind resistance, increase the stability of the car.Now some owners add large surround is not only to consider the aerodynamic factors, but also to play a beautiful effect.Surrounded by the defect of modification is the problem of road condition, because the installed surrounded, the height of the vehicle will be reduced, and the domestic road condition is not very ideal, some potholes on the road is easier to surround the big rubbing bad.The rear wing is also used in the modification of more supplies, but generally speaking, it is not recommended to add the rear wing for small displacement cars.It is counterproductive for some owners to blindly install the tail, because the tail is used to increase the stability of the body, which is very important for large displacement cars, but the exaggerated tail installed in small displacement cars will affect the speed.Wheel rims and brake wheel rims are mostly made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful but lacks weight reduction, which is a burden for high-performance models.The modification of the brake is mainly based on the model to choose, some basic modification of the vehicle is not recommended for braking too strong modification.Because if the brake is too strong, it is easy to get rear-ended in traffic on ordinary roads.The lamp modification is still based on brightness, but it is not recommended to install bright headlights, because it will affect the safety of the oncoming vehicle.At present chromatic bulb basically divides two kinds, one kind is blue, one kind is purple.Such colored bulbs consume less power and output power, but the structure is complex and the price is high, so it is not necessary for the general modified car.Front cover carbon fiber front cover is more advanced fever modification favorite, it can not only reduce the weight of the body, but also play a good role in heat dissipation and beauty.Sound this is the car enthusiasts forever pursuit, the pursuit of sound without end.However, it is important to remind the beginner that the stereo does not have to blindly pursue loud bass. In fact, if the bass is too heavy, it is also a kind of harm to the driver.Anti-collision frame is usually made of solid steel bars, anti-collision ability is quite strong, but as the car continues to evolve, anti-collision frame has gradually “atrophied”, metamorphized into a small, beautiful plastic “surrounded” outside, anti-collision ability has been greatly reduced.For strict car owners, anti-collision frame is an important part of the modification.The most popular retrofit is the tailpipe, which seems to make cars go faster by adding a big, loud tailpipe, a misconception.Exhaust pipe replacement can be said to be very little increase in horsepower, especially for some small displacement natural intake car, to feel the increase in horsepower is quite difficult.On the contrary, the large diameter exhaust tail drum has considerable influence on the loss of torque at low speed, but the relatively smooth exhaust at high speed is understandable for the power improvement.The material of the exhaust pipe itself, the design of the pipeline, whether the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, whether the design of the muffler can form a good back pressure, etc., are important factors affecting the effect of the exhaust pipe.Performance modification of the “intake and exhaust”, ignition system more power modification of the most should be based on the “intake and exhaust”, which is the so-called suction pipe and exhaust pipe.Then there are modifications to the ignition system, such as better spark plugs and ignition wires.These two modification can make the vehicle work smoothly, improve the efficiency of the engine, can also make the vehicle’s gasoline and air mixture after full combustion, and then reduce exhaust emissions, the engine is of great benefit to the use of the vehicle, is often the owners of the modification of the first choice.Engine modification is the most effective way to improve the power performance is the modification of the engine system, the first is the modification of the computer.As the current vehicle is more and more precise, so such as speed limit, speed limit, ignition timing, air-fuel ratio adjustment by the driving computer to carry out, usually said that the modification of the computer will only control the chip to be replaced, by different Settings to improve the performance of the vehicle.Modified computer can be the original factory limit speed and speed to remove, but when using to pay more attention to.The engine is in the state of high speed for a long time, which has a serious impact on the loss of internal parts. If the speed limit is lifted, the service life of the engine will be reduced by accelerating behind the pleasure brought by high speed.As for lifting the original factory’s limit on safety speed, from a safety point of view, we do not agree.Because each car leaves the factory, according to the performance and structure of the vehicle, there are certain limits on the maximum speed, safety is the main consideration of this move.If the owner lifts the speed limit arbitrarily, when the speed reaches the critical point of the vehicle itself, some conditions are beyond our control.Car modification needs to be coordinated, and now many owners of the concept of modification is not very clear, resulting in some cars after modification or give a person a sense of neither fish nor fish.For example, the car that some people hopes him is promoted somewhat in respect of dynamic performance, make the speed of the car thereby quicken as far as possible, but want to add to install a sound system again at the same time, the sound box of hundreds of jins is installed immediately the dynamic system action that makes improvement originally is greatly reduced.A similar example of incongruity exists in appearance.For example, now many owners will paste a lot of stickers on the car, but lack of collocation and selectivity, and even some stickers conflict with the brand of the vehicle.So when choosing stickers, first of all, we should consider what brand of car such stickers are suitable for, and then pay attention to the coordination of colors, not too ostentation.Owners should have their own ideas in advance when refitting, and then inform the staff of the refitting shop of these ideas, and then let them give more appropriate refitting opinions and suggestions.The mutual discussion of the two aspects can make the car refitting reach a more satisfactory result.Because, different vehicles are suitable for the style of modification and modification supplies are different, can not just see other vehicles with a modified parts on their own vehicles no matter how anxious to install a.