Miss Zhang Jie, is in the memory of the gradually distant 80’s

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An unknown person left, and included him in the category of miss, this person does not belong to the life of the people, but an era to give us some enlightenment of the people.Zhang Jie died in the United States, there are a lot of people miss her, probably with her prose “pick up wheat” to the 1980s literature youth left a real literary enlightenment.That is to say, Zhang Jie with the literary attributes of the eighties of the last century, with the literary traces of the eighties of the last century.She belongs to a generation of stars, as long as you go through that era, some of her literary enlightenment left on the body.Even if that piece of brilliance is a meteor to give, you also want to miss that flash meteor.Besides, Zhang Jie is definitely not a meteor, but a star or a planet in the literary sky of the 1980s.Therefore, miss Zhang Jie, is in miss far away in the 80’s.I remember reading Zhang Jie’s prose “picking wheat ears” for the first time in front of a newspaper column.The newspaper column was built of blue brick, and there were more than ten Windows from east to west.Every evening, the old man in the mail room used to open the newspaper column one by one with a bunch of keys, and put the newspaper in a dozen of reading columns.The old man who sent and received the newspaper was such an impressive person in the big yard that I had no idea who was in charge of him and who was in charge of the big yard.He clipped the newspaper, hung the key to the belt, hula hula away, a big yard of people who like to read newspapers, out of the house, standing in front of their favorite newspaper, looking for their favorite pages and articles.After a long time, it seemed that the newspapers were the daily gifts the old man gave to the yard, and even that he was the editor in chief.I like four newspapers in the bulletin board.One is Wen Wei Po, which is based in Shanghai.The other is Guangming Daily, based in Beijing.Yangcheng Evening News, guangzhou.The fourth is China Youth Daily, which is based in Beijing.Wen Hui Po once published Zong Fuxian’s drama script “Silent Place”, so that Wen Hui Po in the newspaper column for three more days.People loving a newspaper because of a script is a cultural phenomenon unique to the 1980s.One evening the sun set through the chinks of the French plane trees in the yard and on the newspaper column.The leaf shadow of the parasol tree, swinging on the newspaper column, brings people a sense of confusion and mystery of reading.In the shadow of the wutong swaying leaves, I read Zhang Jie’s essay “Picking up wheat ears” published in the supplement of Guangming Daily.Zhang Jie’s calm and warm language is like a river flowing through the autumn sun, with the lingering warmth of summer and the coolness of autumn.Seems a little indifferent, seems a little enthusiastic.It seems to be talking to her childhood, and it seems to be talking to her unique words and spirits beyond the concept of time.I read again by the afterglow of the setting sun, but read out a kind of warm melancholy.I do not know why melancholy, also do not know why there is a little inexplicable sadness in melancholy.Zhang Jie’s language woven out of the atmosphere, the most suitable for reading in the evening, appropriate heartbroken people in the sense of the horizon, along zhang Jie’s wheat flowing out.The prose I accept most is Yang Shuo’s bright little story, which ends with a brighter tail.Our generation almost regards Yang Shuo as the only master of prose, and we all regard his prose as non-prose.For example, “Litchi Honey” and “Snow Spray” by Yang Shuo are the prose classics that I remember most deeply when I was young.Even today, from time to time I will continue to write Yang Shuo, which is enough to prove that Yang Shuo is the most profound imprint of prose carved in my heart by The Times.And that evening, facing the twilight after the sunset, I suddenly felt that Zhang Jie’s prose was subverting Yang Shuo’s prose.She used a carving knife with a personal language style to carve someone who had read “Picking ears of Wheat.”She told me that prose is to go into a certain corner of the heart, is to pick up the warmth we lost like picking up wheat.Although that warmth, is to use a sad language to express, is to use a little lonely story to express, is to use a kind of literary sadness without ideological patterns to express.What does Zhang Jie need to do to pick up wheat?To gather grain for their own dowry.At that time, Zhang Jie called Dong Dayan, or an ignorant little girl who did not know the world, also followed to pick up wheat, to buy a dowry for a very distant oneself.Who are you going to marry?That’s the old man with the sacks.Then the old man gave her sweets, a dim, saccharine world.When Zhang Jie knows what to do after marrying a person, Zhang Jie is a little shy, still be infatuated with the dream like having a vague to that old goods man however.Finally, one winter day, when the merchant came, he was no longer the old one, but the new one.Where’s the old guy?Gone, gone to a very distant world.This is a very psychedelic sad story, is also a very misty dream story.Zhang Jie expressed it in a sad tone, just like a story from a distant fortress. As long as a person with rural experience, there will be such a vague and tender past.Otherwise why ma Zhiyuan will use a small order to express a nation’s most ancient sadness: withered vine old tree faint crow, small bridge running water people, ancient road west wind thin horse, the setting sun west, heartbroken people in the horizon.I think: in zhang jie “pick up grain” in this essay, the old peddler, is dry vine old tree faint crow, is small bridge flowing water somebody else, is ancient road west wind thin horses, in that will never dissipate. A sunset, the old peddler’s gone, he is zhang jie along the years heartbroken, destined to accompany zhang jie come to the end of the world.I don’t know how many times I have read this “Picking ears of wheat”, but I have a fresh feeling.There is no teacher in writing, and the prose that deserves to be called a work is the exploration of one’s mind and one’s unique perception of the world.Therefore, Zhang Jie is not a teacher of writing, but her prose “picking up wheat ears” is a teacher of my prose writing.Put those meaningless essays before “Gleaning ears of wheat,” and I would know that I could never write “Gleaning Ears of wheat” in my life.In fact, our life has been discarded by us for a long time, is no longer pick up a melancholy.As melancholy, zhang Jie has picked up, so “Picking up wheat” is a milestone of prose.Zhang Jie left, I did not expect that there will be so many people to miss her.The old man has gone to dust, and so has she in America.For Zhang Jie, that old beggar is heartbroken in the horizon;To that old cargo man, Zhang Jie is also heartbroken person in the horizon.Time passed for many years, old cargo lang and Zhang Jie have become a soul, perhaps, two people may find those days to pick up wheat.That is how sad and sad tender feeling ah, will be for the old man and Zhang Jie to sew a warm clothes.Miss Zhang Jie, is in miss gradually away from the 80’s.