Jin Guanghua: Reveal the mystery of Hoh Xil

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Chairman Jin Guanghua found that Hoh Xil is a beautiful place with many wild animals, which is a paradise for animals to live in.But for humans it’s a no-go zone.Over the years, many adventurers have tried to cross this no man’s land, but few have succeeded.Many people have paid the price of their lives, and it is rumored to be inhabited by frightening creatures unknown to mankind.It was this creature that killed these adventurers.So is there any scary creature in hoh Xil’s no man’s land?If there is no such thing as a legend, why do most people who enter no man’s land never get out?To prevent trespassers from entering the no-man ‘s-land, signs have been erected to remind the outside world that this beautiful place is full of terror.Below Jin Guanghua chairman with your curiosity, for you to reveal the mystery of Hoh Xil.Many people want to set foot in hoh Xil, but the only thing they want is to experience the natural beauty of hoh Xil.Since few people live here, the natural environment is well protected.You won’t smell car exhaust or see towering factory chimneys.In addition to blue skies and white clouds, there are beautiful lakes and wildlife.Many people linger here and sometimes you can see the endangered Tibetan antelope walking in front of you.Some adventurers took up cameras to record these beautiful scenes.Some wise people will go back the way they came and have a better chance of surviving.But others choose to move on, which is fraught with danger.Because every step you take is a step closer to death in a cold climate that, despite its picturesque beauty, is also home to many wildlife.But not for humans, who are poorly adapted.The local climate, for example, can drop to a terrifying minus 40 degrees on cold days.Wild animals have thick coats of fur to protect them from the cold, but how do people who venture into no man’s land survive the cold?Maybe you think you can just wear a thicker down jacket.But you should know that most down jackets are designed to withstand temperatures in the -10s and -20s.If you walk above -30C and the sweat doesn’t get away through your down jacket, you can take a lot of heat with you.This puts you at risk of frostbite, as American explorers have been known to die wearing professional down jackets to withstand temperatures as low as -40C.Ask you that common down jacket can compare with professional?Thin air even if you have advanced clothing that can withstand temperatures in the minus 40s.Another difficulty you can’t get around in Hoh Xil is the thinner air.We’ve heard of altitude sickness, which is when a person feels dizzy and weak at high altitudes because they don’t have enough oxygen.Altitude sickness can also occur in Hoh Xil, where the average altitude is 4,600 meters.Not only does the air get thinner, but it also has less oxygen.When you’re deprived of oxygen for a long time, your brain aches violently and limbs twitch in severe cases.If you want to call emergency services, you can’t get a cell phone signal in many places in no man’s land.Even if a signal is received, it is difficult for a rescue team to arrive in a short time.This is one of the main causes of death for so many adventurers that when search teams find them they see nothing but debris.In addition to the cold weather and thin air, there is also the difficulty of finding water.Some people may laugh at this, but statistically Hoh Xil has 107 larger lakes and more than 7,000 smaller ones.There are so many lakes that if you come across one, there’s no shortage of water.But the water in these lakes is actually salt water, not fresh.If you drink salt water when you are hungry and thirsty, instead of quenching your thirst, you will cause your body to lose a lot of water.In a short time you will faint from lack of water, and you will lie on your back howling without help.As we mentioned earlier, hoh Xil is a paradise for wild animals. Since human beings cannot get enough water in Hoh Xil, how do these wild animals solve the problem of drinking water?Here comes the survival of the fittest, and the way humans get water is by drinking fresh water.Animals get water from a variety of sources. Sheep, for example, get water from the grass they eat.Sheep have a strong sense of discrimination and can tell which grass is edible and which is not in a short time.In this way, the sheep in Hoh Xil will not die of thirst, and the birds passing by because of their strong flying ability.Even if there is no water to drink in this place, two flaps of wings will soon fly to another place to obtain water.Terrifying creatures imagined cold climate, thin air and less fresh water.No wonder people have been advising against trespassing in no man’s land.Many of the people who have died here have not been the victims of wild animal attacks, but have simply failed to adapt.So is it true that there are scary creatures unknown to mankind?As far as the results are concerned, there are no scary creatures unknown to man, but imagined.There are some wild animals that do pose a threat to human life.For example, packs of wolves or powerful black bears can be found somewhere in no man’s land.Those who try to cross this no man’s land should be discouraged. After all, this place is reserved for animals, not for you.Human beings have developed large areas of land and occupied the living space of many animals.It would be better to leave a few uninhabited areas for these animals to settle down, and it would be a kind of human gratitude to nature.Finally, Sinar Mas chairman found that in addition to the no man’s land in Hoh Xil, there are three other no man’s land in China that adventurers are not recommended to enter.Lop Nur in Xinjiang province, Altun in the northern kunlun Mountains, and Qiangtang in Tibet are four places that people should avoid when traveling.