Tonight, is the Ukraine match point

2022-05-07 0 By

Hundreds of diplomatic and security officials are gathering in Germany today for the Munich Security Conference, the world’s biggest security event.Also today, Putin will personally command the largest military exercise in 40 years after returning home with his “nuclear suitcase.”The Munich Security Conference, which co-ordinates relations with Russia, and Russia’s military exercises aimed at deterring NATO both end tomorrow, and it will be clear whether Mr Putin will repeat the red Square parade of 1941, in which troops marched to the front lines.This reminds me of “Kirov Reporting” in my mind and reminds me of a hot meme spread on the Internet in recent years. On Valentine’s Day, when little sister told little brother that she could talk about sensitive topics, little brother suddenly became enthusiastic and asked, “What do you think about the situation in Syria……?This Valentine’s Day, the meme still works, except Syria has become Ukraine.Global capital and commodity markets have been on a roller coaster ride in recent days as news of the Crisis in Ukraine has spread, but the script seems to have been written by the same man: US accusations that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, denied by Moscow.Russia has accused Ukraine of preparing an invasion of eastern Ukraine, which Ukraine denies.Ukraine has accused eastern Ukrainian forces of friction along the border, which Ukraine has denied.Eastern Ukrainian forces have accused Ukraine of preparing an invasion, which Ukraine denies.These days, eastern Ukraine border broke out since 2015 the most intense shelling, Eastern Ukraine accused Ukraine of violating the cease-fire 24 times a day, Ukraine accused Eastern Ukraine of violating 25 times a day, both artillery shells, machine guns, missiles and other heavy weapons are used, intermittently played for several days, just killed the first person…..It’s just like the war between the Northern warlords, when everyone closed their eyes and fired into the air.But, “THE muggles you see are my costumes, the muggles I see are yours, but the muggles they see are real.”In order to escape the war, the great families in the south of Ukraine, carrying gold and silver to Europe, women and children in the east of Ukraine have also organized groups to run to Russia, Syria then the script will be repeated in Ukraine.When discussing with friends today, the elder brothers associate with the drooling eastern European sister, ask whether to hurriedly go to Ukraine to make some labor dispatch company, BUT I told them a bad news, Ukraine really split, the international ranking of the national foot and to drop a few……With defeats to Syria and Vietnam, it’s hard to beat Shakhtar Donetsk and Luhansk Solya……As for what happens next for Ukraine, it’s not much better than our underpaid national team.Since the era of hegemony between the United States and the Soviet Union, everyone likes to create buffer zones by splitting the superpower game.From North and South Korea, North and South Vietnam, to East and West Germany, even before we started the river crossing, the United States, The Soviet Union and Britain were trying to stop and try to establish north and South Korea in China.With a buffer zone, the great power game doesn’t have to be played out by itself, like a lumbar disc, which is easily deformed by daily compression, but still better than direct friction between vertebrae.The United States is sure to sell Ukraine, in concert with European countries, into a buffer zone between NATO and Russia, and into a protruding disc.Zelensky, who was preparing for a speech in Munich, was the actor they had chosen to carry out the humiliating treaty pit.It also reminded him that his promise to let Ukraine into NATO was a carrot to tempt him.At the last Munich conference in 1938, Britain and France sold Czechoslovakia.In Munich this year, imagine the indignity of the actor president tweeting his Munich conference diary.