The engine is the first of the three major parts of the car. How strong is Chery’s technology?But that’s the premise

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It is often said in daily life that Chery is the Huawei of the automobile industry. Among the independent brands, Chery is the first auto company to start independent engine research and development.The engine is known as the first of the three major parts of the car, is the heart of the car, only do a good job of the engine, so as to make a good car, and this is the premise.It has been 20 years since Chery started its independent engine research and development, although there is still a certain distance and gap compared with century-old joint-venture car companies.But among China’s own brands, when it comes to engine technology, no one dares to say no. 1 when Chery says no. 2.But the current advertising law does not allow the use of the word “most” in advertising, because it is not strict enough.Similarly, Chery’s cars are called technical curts by many people, and its technology is indeed good. However, it is not rigorous to say that the three major components of Chery are the best among domestic cars, but there is no problem to say that it ranks the top three.And the so-called “three parts”, refers to the engine, gearbox and body suspension system, in these three aspects, Chery’s level does surpass some joint ventures, but in the domestic car camp is not high.Therefore, chery’s three pieces are not necessarily the best in China, but they are definitely in the leading position.Both say fuel economy and reliability are joint venture with a lot of models and the same brand, for example, tiggo or dingle 3, it has exported to countries such as Russia and Egypt, and even will be some countries as a vehicle for police commuter, so its reliability is that nature is self-evident.When other self-owned brands are in reverse research and development, Chery has taken the lead in setting up its own automotive research institute and started the forward research and development.At the earliest time, we independently developed engines and gearboxes, including the platform for building cars. Many domestic independent brands are using Chery’s product platform, such as Erizei series and Ruihu series, which have almost become the largest technology output of second-line independent brands.Chery’s chassis has to be mentioned here. The evaluation of a car’s chassis is more important than its own chassis structure and technology, and Chery’s chassis conditioning is biased to stability.In addition to the current two platforms, Chery is also working on developing more high-end product-oriented platforms, namely A3X platform and M3X platform, which will be launched in the future.So if the era of Chery 2.0 is developed from the dual platforms of M1X and T1X, then the A3X platform and M3X platform will also open the door of the era of 3.0 for Chery to participate in the international competition.Chery’s engine technology is stronger than domestic brands, but the gearbox is almost the same as domestic brands.At present, Chery’s main transmission is three sets, which are the five-speed manual transmission, the seven-speed dry dual-clutch transmission code DCT250, and the seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission code DCT300.Two of the automatic transmissions are also developed by Chery and Getrak. Although they are known as independent research and development, the core components are also from international suppliers.Chery also independently developed 4AT and the assembly of its own small car. Although it was ridiculed by many people that it was finally made 4AT in the era of 8AT, it was also a bold attempt by an autonomous car company.And chery three big stand or fall, the market is its own answer.In China’s engine market, chery is the only one exporting its engines to developed countries.So the quality of the engine is related to the parameters, but this is not the most important, the most important is fuel consumption and adjustment.Even if the horsepower and torque are higher than average, it is not a good engine.Among the current self-branded engines, only Chery’s can be compared with Japanese engines, but it will not win.But still have room for improvement, in terms of performance, the higher power, promote the torque is big, the fuel consumption is lower, the weight of the engine and lighter, highlights the advantages of the big four, is can well realize consumers in the actual transport process, it is relative to the sense of speed and acceleration to force, and no oil is the desire of environmental protection.In short, as an independent brand, Chery’s efforts and efforts in technological research and development are indeed worthy of recognition. Meanwhile, we should also see the technological achievements of other independent brands.