Digital innovation in Jixian County leads transformation and upgrading and drives high-quality development

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News, industry is the foundation of development, the key to improve regional competitiveness is to improve industrial competitiveness.For Jixian, aggressive industry is the only choice to cast core growth pole.In recent years, Jixian county will develop digital economy, promote the digital transformation of traditional industries as an important breakthrough to promote the high-quality development of county economy, with digital to promote the transformation and upgrading of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, with digital economy to promote the development of emerging industries, strive to promote the high-quality development of economic society in Jixian County.Scene 1: Jixian County Yongsheng Agricultural Machinery Cooperative trusteed 31 farmers in 2021, with a total trusteed area of 9,078 mu. It used EMI-small black box to track 101 plots and collected hundreds of operation tracks in farming, planting, prevention and harvesting.Through a meter technology data model for data statistics, analysis, managers can through a meter technology mobile phone APP to view the current and past work of agricultural machinery to link service site operation, operation area, operation trajectory, job status, homework completion, targeted work instruction and personnel arrangement, greatly improves the production efficiency of service main body, reduce the operation cost,Enhanced the socialized service ability of agriculture.Lens two:Hon exhibition biological digital workshop on the basis of automation equipment, combined with modern alcohol process, the data acquisition and analysis system and manufacturing execution system (DCS), through the construction of the digital workshop system, realized the full automation of the whole production process, not only improve the production efficiency, reduce defective rate products at the same time, reduce production cost, reduce the energy consumption per unit output value,Shorten product research and development cycle, bring enterprise economic benefits and social benefits are also very significant.In 2020, it produced 313,000 tons of edible alcohol, achieving sales revenue of 1.85 billion yuan and paying taxes of 23.51 million yuan.No safety accidents and no quality accidents occurred in the production process.Scene three:Jixian county sida electric business focus to build a street set from the media, new media, online platform operation is one of the multi-functional business base, by cultivating, hatch, innovation, practice, college students to achieve efficient electricity elements gathered, smooth flow, information flow, logistics, capital flow, personnel service, boost the county agricultural special products upward, promote the development of the 123 industrial convergence.Up to now, 35 e-commerce start-up teams have settled in.It has helped 158 people find jobs or start businesses offline and more than 1,900 online.Structural contradiction in recent years, in the face of industry, resources and environment constraints, traditional industries, emerging industries accounted for larger size is small, and slow, kinetic energy conversion fast enough to transformation and upgrading of the task of heavy reform, development and stability, jixian county, actively promote the supply side structural reform, to break the low-end invalid supply, focus on cultivating innovative development momentum,We have made full use of digitalization to promote high-quality development. The economy has shown a clear momentum of improvement, structural improvement has taken firm steps, and development has yielded fruitful and gratifying results.In 2021, the county’s gross regional product is expected to achieve 8.11 billion yuan, the social fixed asset investment to complete 1.95 billion yuan, the general public budget revenue to achieve 320 million yuan, the total retail sales of consumer goods to reach 1.76 billion yuan, compared with 2016 growth of 34.1%, 5.5%, 56.6% and 14.8% respectively;The added value of industries above designated size grew at an average annual rate of 11.2%.89 key industrial projects were carried out, including 16 projects of more than 100 million yuan, with an investment of 8.517 billion yuan.The sown area of crops in the county reached 2,415,200 mu, and the grain output exceeded 2,100 million jin, realizing “18 consecutive harvests”.”Jixian soybean”, “Youhao cantaloup” and “Jixian Rice” have won the national geographical indication product certification, further demonstrating the brand effect.Investment projects have entered a period of high returns. A number of high-tech and digital large enterprises and projects, such as Jiaqiang Feed, Beida Warehouse Group and Yupin Rice processing and warehousing logistics project, have settled down and put into operation with good results.The output value of Hongzhan Group and Huaben Group has exceeded 1 billion yuan. The sales revenue of eight enterprises, including Shengping Coal Mine and Fangda Coal Preparation, has entered the ranks of 100 million yuan. The key industries show a good trend of multi-industry simultaneous development, multi-point support and diversified development.Now, Jixian County “digital industry strong county” road more and more confident, the pace of industrial integration continues to accelerate, “a stable, strong, active” industrial development pattern is basically formed.Digital agriculture become the “three rural” development of new formats in the first industry, jixian county, and adhere to the reform and development of “digital agriculture” in the position of the top priority to plot, to deployment, to promote, power transformation and upgrading of agricultural use digital technology and high quality development, improve the agricultural industry chain and value chain, improve the quality of agricultural products and agricultural production efficiency,We will develop safe, high-quality, and efficient green agriculture.For several years, jixian county construction 282 agricultural monitoring stations, covering an area of 1.380443 million mu, and applied to corn green iron craftworks base, “Internet +” agriculture monitoring, early warning and monitoring of crops diseases and insect pests, soil testing formula, high standard farmland construction, etc., based on the soil organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, PH value, such as data monitoring,Effectively grasp the situation of each stage of crop growth, reduce labor costs, precise scientific fertilization, and save production costs.The real-time monitoring of the whole process also provides effective evidence for the traceability of agricultural products and improves the premium and brand reputation of agricultural products in Jixian County.At the same time, the jixian county and a meter information service (Beijing) co., LTD., deepening enterprise cooperation, build the jixian county agricultural production club hosting visualization data platform, using advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data, to the agricultural production and operation regulation, management and operation of agricultural machinery trajectory, operating area of data analysis, summarize the resulting structured data,Service subjects use agricultural big data analysis to provide precise agricultural production services for farmers, effectively solving the problem of “who will plant the land and how to plant the land well”, and helping entrusted farmers to increase their income by about 200 yuan per mu with self-planting or adjacent plots in previous years.”Jixian manufacturing” to “made in jixian wisdom” in terms of the second industry, accelerate transformation of jixian county in supply side structural reform as the main line, in-depth implementation of the new industrialization, the digital core strategy, adhere to the “chain development industry, ecological industry, digital ascending industry”, accelerating ascend, total park promotions, industrial quality, speed, enterprise project file,County industrial economic development has achieved remarkable results.Jixian to DCS distributed control system, in the main control room equipment, each production link of the enterprise personnel post implementation such as digital central control, equipment operation by digital collection in the control room after concentration, and accept the directives issued by the operators through the operating system, improve labor efficiency more than 90%.The company can generate 210 million KWH of electricity annually, consume 300,000 tons of biomass resources annually, reduce 150,000 tons of carbon emissions and save 90,000 tons of standard coal annually, achieve sales revenue of 150 million yuan, profit of 20 million yuan, tax of 1.5 million yuan, and promote employment of about 150 people.The first phase of digital construction project of Jixian Shengping Mining Group invested 5.25 million yuan to establish an intelligent control platform, realize private cloud storage of collected data, transmit signals and data of mine ventilation, air pressure, drainage, transportation and safety monitoring system to the control platform, and realize unattended and remote control of each system.To achieve the goal of mechanized replacement, automatic reduction, intelligent unmanned, and ultimately achieve the safety of coal mine production, essential safety.During the same period, Shengping coal mine also invested in comprehensive mechanized coal mining process transformation, achieving an annual increase of 200,000 tons of raw coal.Combined with the digital transformation of production scheduling system and heavy medium control system of coal preparation plant applied last year, Shengping Mining Group achieved sales revenue of 293.9 million yuan, profit of 26.71 million yuan, tax paid of 44.27 million yuan and employment of more than 1,200 people throughout the year.The application of digitalization in the tertiary industry of Jixian County is mainly reflected in the development of the e-commerce industry.Through transformation to drive the offline trading online transactions, in order to upgrade, industry growing and enhancing the services for the idea, change traditional electricity development thinking, make the whole industry chain of e-commerce, explore the implementation of the county digital transition path and countermeasure mechanism, industrial chain extension for the new economy, the traditional industry upgrades, new economic talents converging, local consumption.Jixian Kangtai Rice is a rice processing company that has been selling its products through traditional marketing outlets.With the help of relevant departments in Jixian County, Kangtai Rice has successfully transformed into an e-commerce enterprise integrating platform, data, quality and brand. Its rice sales on Douyin continue to rise, reaching more than 10,000 orders in a single day.Qu Guixin, a rural youth in Jixian County, founded “Yan Yang Food” and created a network of popular corn noodles. The product became a “popular style” as soon as it was launched, with sales of more than 5 million yuan in more than three months.On behalf of this, in recent years, The county has made great efforts to build a public service system of county e-commerce, and built a multi-functional entrepreneurial base of “Sida E-commerce Entrepreneurship street” integrating we-media, new media, online platform operation, transformation of traditional commercial enterprises, and training and incubation.Driven by this source, the leading industrial enterprises in the county, through live broadcasting, short video and other sales platforms, the development of the “Longjiang Welfare village” public brand, the development of rice, chili sauce, corn series, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the county’s agricultural industry and green industry.The official Douyin account of “Jixian County E-commerce Development Center”, douyin account of “Entering Northeast Rural Area”, Douyin account of “Courage is Only Happiness” and Douyin Account of “Delicious Recommendation Officer” wechat video account covers Jixian e-commerce trends, agricultural products recommendation, special food recommendation, funny jokes, etc., and guides enterprises to sell products with practical cases.In 2021, Jixian county carried out more than 150 rural live with goods, made more than 100 short videos to help rural revitalization, helped Youtun melon farmers, Bijia Mountain fruit farmers, Welfare town green chuangyuan, Yong ‘an Township cabbage, mushroom niang, Taiping town collective industry potato vermicelle sales products of more than 2 million yuan, more than 14,000 deals.