A woman, a sign of fortune!

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Opening Sentence: Someone always asks, what is the best way for a woman to live?Once there was a saying, a person’s best state, is full of stories in his eyes, face no wind and frost.Smile every day, confident and gentle, do not envy who, do not laugh at who.Maybe that’s the answer.For example, to be a tree, swaying in the wind, strong in the rain, deeply rooted in the bottom, despite the floating world, very proud, very silent, romantic life.The world is full of confusion, a woman over the better, has nothing to do with others, she will only from the heart to recognize their own, like their own.The day to live fully, can live happy;To live a dull life, in order to live calmly.When better than others, not proud, not arrogant;Not as good as others, not discouraged, not jealous.Live a good woman, they are always with an indifferent heart, polish their own, seriously treat life, and strive to pave the future.When a woman has these signs, she must be getting better.01 Enjoy loneliness, improve their inner, perhaps, everyone in the young, like noisy, chasing, will be very afraid of a person alone.But to be human is to be lonely.There is always someone to you gradually away, there is always someone to you sometimes hot and sometimes cold, no one will accompany you to go for a lifetime, no one will always understand you, understand you.Only you learn to be alone, learn to adapt to loneliness, in order to live in the world of complexity, the more you can taste the real taste of life.Look around us, how many friends, the only way to contact, is a “like” in the moments of friends;How much affection, is a blessing of the Chinese New Year;How many colleagues, is a smile at work, a “goodbye” when off work.”How beautiful days, pleasant things whose courtyard”.People, always live more lonely, more live more a person.Even if there are thousands of mountains and rivers in your heart, there are millions of depths in your heart, but only you can see them, only you can understand them.Starry night, the sea waves towering, the mountain moon hanging, “fishing alone cold river snow, a boat suoliweng”……The loneliness, only you can appreciate the beauty of loneliness.Those who live more beautiful women, most of them are adapted to loneliness, in a group of people, they can enjoy their own heart loneliness, in a person alone, they can live out their colorful.02 Pay attention to the connotation, constantly improve their “beauty in the bone not the skin”, a person’s temperament will not be wasted with the passage of time, because a woman who lives better, she will continue to improve their connotation, so that they have an interesting soul.Just like the talented Dong Qing, her temperament hides the books she has read, the world she has seen, her inner cultivation and eternal talent.Export chengzhang, calm demeanor, quietly elegant fragrance, this engraved in the United States, let a person feast for the eyes, there is a sense of beauty, lingering in the heart.A woman who pays attention to connotation, she will constantly improve their connotation.Reading, let them constantly improve themselves, let the thought more and more depth, let the personality more and more perfect;Travel, let them see the vast world, let experience more and more rich, let their way, walk more and more wide;Meet new friends, let them find like-minded;Stick to your preferences and let them live more and more fun.Women live to the extreme, is to be able to let themselves quietly in the impetuous world, have their own poetry and fragrance, although the appearance will change, but temperament and conversation, but will accompany their life, mind and mentality, will accompany their own wind and rain.A rich connotation of the woman, even if they walked into the mud, even if in trouble, will let his heart played lit a lamp, lit up the road at his feet.They will allow themselves to settle down, like a pot of aged wine, the more alive, the more flavor.Mr. Yang Jiang once said: a person after different levels of exercise, will get different levels of accomplishment, different levels of benefit.Like a spice, the more you pound it, the finer you grind it, the stronger it smells.We have been so eager for the waves of fate, to find the last: the most beautiful scenery of life, is the calm and calm heart……We used to look forward so much to the outside world’s recognition, only to realize in the end: the world is our own, has nothing to do with others!Perhaps, every woman is eager to live bright, but they do not know, can have a normal heart, can ordinary life, but is the real live better.Because fame and status, they don’t last a lifetime.Just like a flower, it cannot bloom forever. Eventually, there will be a time when the flower will fall. At this time, if you can calmly face the joys and sorrows of life and smile at any time and place, you will live fully and clearly.Life is often more bitter than pleasant.Keep their own beauty, adhere to their love, love yourself, things to comply with, the past does not love, live calmly, live calmly…Thus, is a woman’s best posture.There are always some people, want to take out their own suffering to say, want to get the comfort of others, but I do not know, just around some of the people who gossip about you, give yourself more trouble.Therefore, to love oneself is not to face the pain, hesitation, betrayal and brooding, but not to tangle, not confused, not disorderly.Love your lover deeply, be attentive to your family, have a soft heart, be kind to yourself.Suffering, may not be able to escape, but if the heart is not desolate, everything is fearless.The rest of life is long, love yourself, is this life, the best insist.Conclusion: life, there is no coming days, only take the road at your feet.We can live ordinary lives, but don’t let yourself mediocrity.Each living better woman, are in plain life, adhere to their own adhere to, efforts to their own efforts, they cherish a reluctant, efforts to walk out of their narrow, full of spirit rushed out of their own life.They make their lives poetic and romantic, active and interesting.Listen to the rain hit banana, enjoy the bright summer flowers, see the clouds, listen to the world……Even in the face of unhappiness, they will dry their tears in front of the mirror, smile, and continue to walk straight ahead.They believe that when they get to the end of the bridge, they won’t be hit by a wall and die, and they will be alive and kicking, not scared and stuck in a pit.They will always remind themselves to be the best version of themselves, every day, every moment, every moment.Finally, wish every woman, can enjoy their own life, love yourself, love this life all the good time.Author, calm fox figure, network wish you in my words, find plain years, thick deep feeling!Thanks for your attention!