Spring Festival fire safety tips

2022-05-06 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the prevention and control of the epidemic will become normal, with people and logistics concentrated in commercial places, the use of fire, electricity and gas increased, and fireworks and firecrackers intensively set off, increasing the risk of fire.1, social units should strictly implement the main responsibility of fire safety, carry out pre-holiday fire safety inspection, implement fire prevention measures, to ensure that fire facilities are intact and effective.During the festival, the personnel on duty should strengthen the inspection and patrol of key parts, and timely find and eliminate fire hazards.2. During the festival, the business premises shall organize an emergency evacuation drill and carry out a fire safety training for employees to ensure that they will alarm, guide evacuation and fight the initial fire.3. When festivals or commercial activities are held in shopping malls, markets, hotels and restaurants, venue Settings and electrical equipment should meet the requirements of fire safety regulations, and sufficient fire fighting equipment should be provided to keep evacuation channels and safety exits unblocked.Large commercial complex units should strictly manage fire sources, power sources and combustible materials, and strengthen the control of catering, children’s entertainment, cinemas, fire separation, safety evacuation, fire control facilities and other key parts and links.4. Community committees and property management units should strengthen the publicity and training of fire fighting knowledge on festivals, and enhance residents’ awareness of fire safety and emergency escape ability;Fire safety inspection should be carried out on residential buildings to ensure that fire facilities are intact and fire passages are unimpeded;To implement the micro fire station 24 hours someone on duty, once a fire, timely and effective disposal.5, residents and families should pay attention to the safety of fire, electricity and gas, heating appliances should be away from combustible;To educate children not to play with fire, timely cleaning up the balcony, aisle sundries and kitchen oil stains, when going out to close the doors and Windows, power and gas switch.Electric bicycles should not be parked or occupied by the fire passageway. It is strictly prohibited to “enter the building and enter the house”, “people and vehicles sharing the house” and “fly line charging”.6, home isolation, to prevent fire, do not smoke in bed, do not throw cigarette butts.Alcohol with a concentration of 75% is flammable and explosive. It should be kept away from open flames when used for disinfection at home, and stored away from fire and heat sources and placed in a cool and ventilated place.Do not spray excessive liquid disinfectant on electrical switches, sockets, power supplies and other live equipment to prevent short circuit.7. When driving or taking public transport, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods such as gasoline, diesel, alcohol, fireworks and firecrackers are strictly prohibited. Smoking or using open flame in the car is strictly prohibited.When trapped in the car, please use a safety hammer or hard objects to break the window glass orderly escape.8. When going out for shopping, accommodation and entertainment, you should be familiar with the location of evacuation channels and escape routes, and pay attention to the storage and use of fire extinguishers, smoke masks and other equipment.In case of fire, escape quickly and orderly, do not take the elevator, do not love property, do not blindly jump off the building.Do not smoke, play with fire or make a picnic to prevent fire.9, the purchase of fireworks to choose qualified products, safe discharge in the designated place, is strictly prohibited in gas stations and other flammable and explosive places, important materials warehouse, cultural heritage buildings, residential areas, firewood stacking, high voltage line near fireworks.It is strictly forbidden to throw firecrackers into sewers. Children must be accompanied by adults when setting off firecrackers.Clean up embers and residue immediately after discharge.In case of fire, please dial “119” to report to the police in time.On the way, when encountering fire fighting vehicles or vehicles with special emergency rescue plates, you should take the initiative to give way and ensure the smooth passage of rescue vehicles.