Ningjin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: There is a kind of happiness called warm company

2022-05-06 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the land of China was happy and peaceful, but in the rehabilitation department of Ningjin County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Uncle Shi did not look forward to the arrival of the festival like other patients.Shi is lonely and single all his life. His elder brother, who usually takes care of him, cannot accompany him due to physical reasons. The End of the Year has come, and Shi can only look at others’ reunion.According to the custom, eat lotus root clip, balls, symbolizing reunion peace and happiness.In the 12th month of this year, Grandpa Shi has been hospitalized and has no way to prepare for it. Seeing other patients eating these delicious foods symbolizing the New Year, Grandpa Shi’s eyes are always full of admiration and sadness.Knowing this situation, Zhang Tingting, head nurse of rehabilitation Department of Ningjin County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, brought lotus root clip, meatballs, braised chicken, ham sausage, fruit and other Spring Festival food from her home to The hands of Uncle Shi. Uncle Shi was very moved with tears in his eyes and thanked Head nurse Zhang Tingting and Deputy director Wu Yubao for a long time.Since Ningjin County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine built the “three you” hospital brand of “conscience, temperature and kindness”, the rehabilitation Department has been keeping pace with the pace and striving to build “three you” departments to relieve patients of pain and at the same time let patients feel the warmth.