“In time” in Mountain and Li Village

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Reporter Wang Xiaoying (right) is interviewing Lin Chunxiang, a villager in Flood Village.After driving westward from Haikou, it takes three hours to get off the highway and enter Bawangling National Forest Park.For a while is the mountains of rubber trees overlapping forests, for a while is the red kapok pressure full of branches, for a while is the vehicle along the winding mountain path through the thick forest in the fog, as if into the “Wizard of Oz”…It took us more than an hour to drive more than 30 kilometers to the countryside.Known as “Hainan Little Xizang”, it is the most remote township in Changjiang County.Yang Ronghui, party secretary of Wangxiaxiang, said he was trapped in Dayan New Village for five days when typhoon Dianmu hit in 2016 when he was deputy party secretary.”The flood bridge has been destroyed, the road is blocked, electricity is blocked, communication is interrupted, village to village contact by walkie-talkie relay.Five days later, the water receded and I swam out.”Wangxia township is a pure Li nationality town, with a characteristic village – flood village, is the only village in Changjiang County to retain the traditional Li nationality dwellings.There are 78 gold-patterned thatched huts nestled among coconut palms.Before the whole relocation in 2009, all the villagers lived in shabby thatched houses with “three stones for a stove, four wooden stakes for a bed, a dustpan for a table and a twine for a wardrobe”.Villager Lin Chunxiang said: “Before there was no road not open to traffic, in order to earn some money, I walk to Bawangling Forest farm wholesale salted fish or mountain orchid wine to sell in the village, usually the first morning, 5 PM to walk to the shop, after buying things also have no money to stay in the shop, just a night in front of the shop.The next day, at dawn, I set out with a load of more than 60 jin. I didn’t reach the village until three or four o ‘clock in the afternoon.If you earn ten cents a jin, you only get six or seven yuan a Dan.”Recalling the days more than 20 years ago, Lin Chunxiang said it was too bitter.”Now I have rubber at home and income from cutting rubber. I get 2,600 yuan a month from working in the b&B, and I also got 1,300 yuan as bonus before this Spring Festival.”Lin chunxiang now works as a waitress at the “Time of Day” b&B.After the villagers of Flood village moved into the brick houses from the thatched houses of Li nationality, the thatched houses that had been uninhabited for a long time were dilapidated and collapsed, and the protection of the traditional dwellings of Li nationality faced difficulties.The changjiang county government has raised funds to renovate and upgrade the thatched huts in Hongshui village and build them into characteristic themed b&B, which has attracted many tourists to experience the li ethnic customs in the past.Lin Chunxiang told reporters that now the villagers are no longer cutting down and burning mountains, and each of them gets ecological compensation every month. Everyone takes the initiative to protect the mountains.Only when the mountains are green and the environment is good, will more and more tourists come to the village.Words just fell, Lin Chunxiang’s mobile phone rang, the phone urged her to go to the room to change the linen, while there will be guests in the homestay, she was happy to leave.In flood village surrounded by mountains, bougainvillea are in full bloom in front of thatched huts, and the rice seedlings in the paddy fields are luxuriant and growing happily. The mountains are reflected in the paddy fields, forming a natural landscape picture with the figures of the working villagers.Tourists have stepped onto the ridge, take this good mountains and good water.(Reporter Wang Xiaoying)