Doinb wearing The same style of women’s wear zhou Jie live, Sugar xiaoyou praised, net friend: This is not captain Yang Yang?

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In the live program effect this fast, all professional players in the e-sports circle, it must be Doinb, after all, the main business is to do anchor, sideline is to play the game, 365 days a year, not in the live, is playing the game, belongs to the live professional two flowering level of the master.Due to Doinb love live that in S11, FPX shock group failed to qualify, many netizens get Doinb live thing into jokes taunt him, but effect on live TV he is really really will take hold, in the transfer window, his live even to be a lot of LPL audience for the transfer of the source of the inside information and message center.Recently, Doinb in the live feed water friends whole a big job, directly to a women’s live, and this dress is a bit of a head, in addition to his wife Sugar small you’s clothes, but also because another well-known anchor has the same style, it is reported that well-known LPL commentary Zhou Shuyi once wore this suit, but also on the commentary seat.But even dressed in women’s clothing, Doinb was met with skepticism from fellow swimmers: That’s it?Doinb went back to refining her look.I don’t see any sense of violation in this dress on Doinb, especially in the head block. It’s not unacceptable for you to say she’s a girl.If I read that correctly, Doinb also wore black silk for a more feminine look, which could have been black leggings.This is not enough, Doinb wears a hairpin, but also asks Tangxiao You to take out her lipstick, which makes Tangxiao You admire: how can you be so SAO!Sugar small you also said zhou Jie has the same clothes, and in the interpretation of the time through, broad bean jun waste jiujierhu, searched when Zhou Jie wear this clothes explanation screen.Doinb’s comparison is impressive.Even though she has never worn women’s clothing, Doinb has learned a lot from other anchors about how to protect her privacy.Dressed in drag, Doinb felt absolutely no shame and chose to step it up.As the effect of women’s clothing is too good, there are many netizens joked that this should be the Goat captain himself.For those of you who don’t know this meme, Captain Yangyang is an Internet celebrity on the short video platform. He is known as the female version of Doinb because he looks exactly like Doinb.Because it is too much like Doinb, little sister also attracted a large number of fans, the live broadcast also mimics the classic Doinb quotes, such as hard bear on stage, fierce intelligence, some of the netizens who made trouble in the live broadcast called the head of the Xiang Was called by little sister: Lin Weixiang, don’t look!Broad Bean King suddenly has an idea that when Doinb and Captain Yangyang will make a linkage, Captain Yangyang will send his clothes of the same style to Doinb, and they will wear the same clothes, Lian Mai, so that an can tell whether I am male or female.That day, we still couldn’t decide whether Doinb or Captain Goat was playing at Worlds!