Because accidentally ingested it, the boy was sent to the hospital for emergency gastric lavage!Many families have it

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DV: Does this board of dark pills look like oral medicine?Mr. Wang in Shenzhen agrees:His son had an accident after taking it…Potassium permanganate was “blame” left left left his 13-year-old son, according to Mr Wang after surgery recently returned home for a moment he forgot about the doctors are potassium permanganate for external use freely and called the child to put the medicine to eat children after eating to notice the word “external” on the packaging immediately ran to tell Mr. Wang, let’s know potassium permanganate is topical anti-inflammatory drugs,Is a strong oxidant normally we diminish inflammation is only two over ten thousand of the use () the concentration of solution once swallowed the mouth, tongue, throat and esophagus is likely to be edema, swallowing, speech difficulty breathing or even suffocation son wang hurriedly will later sent to hospital in the case of understanding to the child by potassium permanganate until paramedics immediately the gastric lavage for their separationAfter several days of observation and treatment, Mr. Wang’s son has recovered and left the hospital. Doctors remind parents to organize and classify the medicine cabinet at home regularly in order to avoid the occurrence of accidental ingestion of drugs.Because the ratio of topical and internal drugs is different, topical and internal drugs must be separated, and children’s and adults’ drugs should also be separated.For example, some antihypertensive drugs and antihypertensive drugs are quite dangerous, and children will have serious consequences if they take them. Therefore, we must clean the medicine cabinet regularly and throw away the expired drugs.DV: What if your child really eats the wrong thing?The first step for parents is to find out what drugs their children have taken by mistake, how much they have taken and when they took it. The most important thing is to take the remaining drugs and packaging with their children and send them to the hospital for treatment in time