There are 6 kinds of dogs that are not stupid but easily “lost”

2022-05-05 0 By

Usually in the streets, we can often see some stray dogs, many of which are lost or abandoned by their owners. The following small series will tell you about the 6 kinds of dogs that are most likely to get lost. They are not stupid, but the one who keeps them will suffer!Corgi corgi IQ ranked 11th in the dog community, obviously not stupid, but it is very easy to get lost because it is very greedy, as long as you have to eat, it will absolutely go with you, and see others have to eat, will pidianpidian with others to go, if it also put others when the owner, that is a big loss!Border collie border is the smartest dog dog industry, clearly intelligence quotient is very high, but it is very easy to get lost because of the border is a shepherd, born to love sport, it often carry host, secretly run out to play, even though it knows the way home, but still very easy to turn people with heart to run, suggest keeping on pet owners, so be sure to watch the dog!IQ than bear dogs than bear no 45 in the row in the dog world, equivalent to a three year old child’s IQ, but still very easy to get lost because than bear very docile, also like and people close to, can play together with anyone, but it has a bad shortcomings, is too greedy, see other people have to eat, it is easy to follow than people off, so keep it, if you got lost, special profit!Beagle beagle IQ ranked 72 in the dog world, clearly not stupid, but it is very easy to get lost because of the curiosity of the beagle is very heavy, it is always curious about new things, is known as the “give up”, if raising such a dog, pet owners can often teach it some new skills, to meet its curiosity!Training can be combined with some snacks chicken dry, good reward, can have very good training effect, chicken dry recommended “chan not greasy chicken”, this kind of chicken dry made of pure chicken without meat powder, frozen meat to add, made by low temperature drying, the palate is rich, big to train, small pieces can be used to give the dog dog molar teeth.Husky Husky IQ with the bear parallel 45, but clearly are not stupid, but it is easy to lose husky is also famous not, it especially like freedom, every time take it out of the door, if not traction rope, minutes will run away, and run away after also don’t know the way home!And husky intestines and stomach is very weak, it can’t disorderly eat, if the huskies ran out to eat not to eat things, affect the life, it would be lost so keep huskies, usually go out pet master must use the rope holding it, and then also should pay attention to its diet at ordinary times, dog food to eat some easy to digest, is good for its health of intestines and stomach, here recommend gluten-free foods of “pet”,This is a 0 grain formula dog food, it contains a variety of meat and vegetables, not only can satisfy the greedy nature of the husky, but also meet its needs of nutrition;Its pepsin digestibility is as high as 91.6%, close to meat’s 92% digestibility, good nutrition absorption!Teddy dog is the second most intelligent dog in the dog world. Obviously, he is not stupid, but he is easy to get lost. Teddy is famous as “Tairitian”, he likes to ride a horse, every time he goes out, he will always chase other dogs.Conclusion: Will your dog get lost easily?