The latest progress of road construction under the Fourth ring bridge has come!

2022-05-05 0 By

On February 9, the site of the supporting road project under the bridge of the Fourth Ring Road was busy.The new municipal road, which is expected to be completed in August this year, will smooth the traffic network in the central area of east and West Lakes, benefiting 300,000 residents in several industrial parks and surrounding areas.At the intersection of Jinbei No.1 Road and Fourth Ring Road, the reporter saw that the new road extends from north to south along the fourth ring Road viaduct. The road design is two-way 4 lanes, separated by green belt in the middle.District chengtou project representative Wang Xiang introduced, at present, about 70% of the project has been completed, and the drainage system and pipeline transformation on both sides of the road has been completed.It is understood that the space supporting road project under the Fourth ring Road bridge is an important transportation hub in the central region of east and West Lake, with a total length of 6.2 kilometers, starting from The First Jin Bei Road and ending at the Han River Dike.As the backbone of the north-south road network project, the road respectively and jinshan avenue, dongwu avenue, dongxihu district has superior avenue, unity, innovation, avenue street, such as primary and secondary HuiAn boulevard and gracious street form a cross road, will connect multiple enterprises along the city, industrial and residential areas, optimize the business environment, to around 300000 people travel more convenient.After the completion of the road, it will be equipped with 4 parking lots, 583 new parking Spaces and 157 charging piles to meet the parking needs of enterprises and residents along the road.The reporter learned that the road under the fourth ring bridge will be a beautiful landscape line after it is completed.Under the bridge will be equipped with a variety of landscape lights, along the road through greening to achieve flowers in four seasons, step by step is the scene.There are plans for a pocket park at the intersection of Revolution Avenue and Unity Street.Source: Dongxihu Rong Media Center reporter, zhang CAI, intern, Mei Xinwen, correspondent, Zhang Lei, Liu Jie, Ed., Qiu Min