Spring Festival return peak tomorrow!Steer clear of these easy roads!

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened on Feb 5, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year.Happy holiday will be over and it is time to say “goodbye” and the Spring Festival holiday when you release your sweet home during the Spring Festival transportation for you warm prompt ▼ return peak is expected on February 6, coming to rush the whole traffic & traffic overall traffic into the province, from February 3, 2022 (3) the first beginning, the provincial highway traffic increases gradually,It is expected that February 6 and February 16 will be the two peak days for the return journey.In terms of traffic flow into the province, February 6 (the sixth day of the first lunar month) and February 17 (the 17th day of the first lunar month) are expected to be the peak.Among them, hunan, Guangxi, the direction of the return of the highway traffic demand.The obvious backflow sections are mainly concentrated in the expressways around the Pearl River Delta and the main channels entering the province.During the Spring Festival travel rush in our province, the traffic flow has obvious tidal characteristics. Before the festival, it spreads from the Pearl River Delta area to the east, west and north of Guangdong, and then backflows after the festival.The sections that are expected to be prone to congestion during the peak period of post-Holiday return trips mainly include:G15 shenhai expressway shantweimingpo border interchange section, Shenzhen Long gang service section, Jiangmen Fengshan interchange section, Yangjiangjiangmen interchange section, S14 Shantweimingjiang expressway Maoming Gaozhou section, Nahuaodong service section, G80 guangqing Expressway Xiandonggang service section, G0421 Xuguang expressway Qingyuan-qingyuan-qingnan section, G55 two Guangzhou expressway Zhaoqing Guangning County section,S2 hirokawa high-speed huizhou han charging stations, spokesman wide high-speed meizhou camphor tree pond interchange period, G0423 yue high-speed German service section, banyan tree tunnel segment G0422 wu highway in shaoguan, G9411 this.i fo the humen bridge, wide S6 dragon high-speed nansha bridge section.Need to pay attention to is expected on February 6, (which) a night on the 7th (seventh) of guangdong province in north-central cities and counties have local heavy rain the rest of the cities and counties have moderate rain rain local heavy rain falling the average daily temperature 3 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ photo source: if you plan to return, north-central from guangdong guangdong weather over the next two days rain evident in the local, please arrange travel plans, careful driving.When driving in rain, fog and other bad weather, you should turn on fog lights to warn the car to slow down.If there is a large traffic flow or a minor accident on the way back, the vehicle at the tail of the dragon should open the “double flashing light” (i.e. the danger alarm flash) in time to warn the car to slow down and ensure safety.At the same time, under non-emergency circumstances, do not illegally occupy the emergency lane, traffic police will strictly check such traffic violations!Source: Guangdong Traffic police rector: Long Gang Rong media (editor Zhong Hairun) proofread: Wang Rong civilization driving