Recruitment of staff for enterprises affiliated to Sihong Cultural Tourism Group

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Sihong Culture and Tourism Development Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Sihong Culture and Tourism Group”) was established in February 2021 as a state-owned enterprise with a registered capital of 1 billion Yuan. It is a leading cultural tourism enterprise integrating tourism planning, investment and financing, development and construction, and operation and management.At present, Sihong Cultural Tourism Group has three subsidiaries, namely Bining Sihong E-commerce Co., LTD., Sihong Dawangzhuang Red Education and Training Center Co., LTD., and Dayuantang Sports Development (Sihong) Co., LTD. In order to meet the needs of the business development of the subsidiaries, we are now open to the public to recruit staff of the subsidiaries.The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1. Recruitment quota and Professional Requirements This open recruitment is for 12 staff members from affiliated enterprises (see “Job Introduction Form” (Appendix 1) for specific positions, quotas and professional requirements).1. Applicants must have the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;2. Uphold the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China;3. Have the physical condition to perform their duties normally;4, College degree or above, major in the same field as the recruitment;5. Please refer to “Job Description Form” for age and relevant work experience requirements (Attachment 1);6. Other qualifications and conditions required by the job are shown in The Job Description Form (Attachment 1).The application for professional certification shall be subject to the Professional Reference Catalogue for Civil Servant Recruitment in Jiangsu Province 2022 Annual Examination.7. Applicants under any of the following circumstances shall not apply for the examination :(1) active servicemen;(2) those who are under disciplinary examination or are under investigation on suspicion of illegal or criminal offenses, or have violated the criminal law and been exempted from criminal punishment, or have been subjected to criminal punishment for committing crimes;(3) have been expelled from public office, party membership, league membership or higher education status;(4) those who have been dismissed by government organs or institutions for less than 5 years;(5) those who have been given severe demerits, demotion, dismissal, probation (stay in the Party or school), or reduced post level for less than 3 years, or the punishment period has not been completed;(6) The 2021 annual assessment of the staff of government offices and public institutions shall be incompetent (unqualified);(7) Those who have been included in the “blacklist” management of the Integrity Archive of Candidates for Public Recruitment of Public Institutions in Suqian city for less than 3 years since the date of storage due to fraud in the examination, violation of rules and regulations in the examination, and giving up registration after the employment approval, etc.;(8) Candidates who have been identified as having “serious trust-breaking behavior” for less than 3 years, or “serious trust-breaking behavior” for less than 5 years.For details, you can refer to su Zhengfa (2013) No. 100, Su Zhengfa (2014) No. 114, Su Gongtong 2015 (28), Su Ren Shfa (2015) No. 190, Hong Zheng Shufa (2015) No. 97 and other documents, or consult or inquire county public Credit Information Center (0527-80618306);Please register with good faith.Anyone who practices fraud shall, upon investigation, be disqualified.Recruitment Methods and Procedures This recruitment is organized and implemented by Sihong Cultural Tourism Group.In accordance with the principle of “voluntary registration, fair competition and recruitment based on the best”, the recruitment shall be carried out in accordance with the steps of recruitment announcement, registration and qualification examination, written examination, interview, physical examination, inspection, publicity and employment examination and approval.(1) Registration.Registration time: Feb.11-Feb.18, 2022 (9:00-12:00 am, 2:00-5:30 PM) Registration place: Sihong Cultural Travel Group Office (Office 1212, 12th Floor, Sihong County Government Affairs Service Center, No. 5 Renhe Road, Sihong County);Contact Number: 18036955399;Enter oneself for an examination personnel shall truthfully fill in according to the requirements of recruitment conditions and SiHong to the tour group subordinate company staff registration registration form “(attachment 2), and provide the following materials: 1, id card, diploma, corresponding professional title or qualification certificate, engaged in relevant work experience (the social insurance payment records shall prevail), the original and copy of the certificate of qualification;2. 3 recent bareheaded color photos with the same bottom (two inches);3. Sihong Culture And Tourism Group is responsible for the qualification examination of the information provided by the applicants, and the on-site feedback of the audit results. Any examinee who practices fraud will be disqualified once verified.Registration fee: RMB 100 / person (cash required).Candidates who have not paid the fee shall be deemed to have failed the registration.(2) examination.The examination is conducted by Sihong Culture Travel Group. The examination method is written examination + interview.1. Written test.The written test content is “comprehensive knowledge and ability quality”, full mark is 100.The opening ratio of written test is 1:3. If the ratio of the number of people taking the written test to the number of recruitment plan is less than 3:1, the written test shall be organized according to the actual number of qualified people.Candidates whose scores are not less than 60% of the total score of the test paper will be considered as qualified, otherwise, they will be disqualified for the next stage.The test results of each link are calculated, synthesized and published in the form of percentage system.The time and place of the written test and the time to collect the admission ticket will be notified separately.2. Interview.After the written test, according to the examinee’s written test scores from high to low, according to the recruitment plan three times the proportion of the number of candidates to participate in the interview.If the ratio of the number of applicants to the number of recruitment plan is less than 3:1, the interview will be organized according to the actual number of applicants.The interview is structured. Candidates for non-competitive positions must reach 60 points (60% of the total interview score) to be qualified.Candidates will be informed of the interview results on the spot.The interview time and place will be notified separately (please pay attention to the notice on of Sihong County People’s Government website).3. Announce grades.The comprehensive score will be calculated based on 30% of the written score and 70% of the interview score. The comprehensive score will be published on the website of the People’s Government of Sihong County (please pay attention to the notice on registration, candidates should keep the contact information on the Registration Form for Employees of Enterprises affiliated to Sihong Cultural Tourism Group in normal use and unobblocked. Candidates should bear the responsibility and consequences of recruitment caused by their personal reasons.(3) Physical examination.According to the examinee’s comprehensive results (comprehensive results are the same, according to the interview results;If the interview results are still the same, another examination will be organized to determine), the candidates for physical examination will be determined according to the 1:1 ratio of the planned number of recruitment positions from high scores to low scores, and the physical examination standards shall refer to the “General Standards for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (Trial)”.The cost of physical examination will be borne by the examinee, and the time of physical examination will be notified separately.(4) Investigation.The personnel who have passed the physical examination shall be inspected according to the employment conditions determined in this brief, and the inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of Suqian 2022 Annual Examination Recruitment Guide for Civil Servants.The personal credit and criminal record of the subject shall be included in the scope of investigation.Due to physical examination, inspection and other reasons unqualified when the vacancy, in this post interview examinee according to the comprehensive results from high to low points successively fill.(5) Publicity.The qualified candidates will be confirmed as candidates to be employed, and the list will be published on the Sihong County People’s Government website within 7 working days.Those who are reported during the publicity period and are found to be unqualified for employment will be disqualified for employment and will be compensated according to their comprehensive scores from high to low.(6) Others.Within three months after the employment, if there is a vacancy due to the waiver of admission qualification or unqualified probation, the company can make a one-time replacement for the unsuccessful candidates in the same position according to their comprehensive scores from high to low.Four, employment during the treatment of no objection to the expiration of the public or public reflect the problem does not affect the employment, the SiHong cultural tourism development group co., LTD., subordinate company sihong vyk red education training center co., LTD., the great circle pond (SiHong) sports development co., LTD., is responsible for the relevant employment formalities, sign labor contract (contain three months probation, probation to issue insurance).The salary of qualified employees who have completed the probation period shall be paid according to the treatment of formal staff, and the five insurances and one housing fund shall be paid according to the regulations.According to the current epidemic prevention and control requirements, candidates must apply for the “health code” 14 days in advance, and the “health code” is green on the registration and test day, and their body temperature is lower than 37.3℃, and there is no abnormal symptoms such as dry cough.Applicants from non-medium-high risk areas in districts or cities (municipalities directly under the central Government within counties or districts) with abnormal health code information shall provide negative nucleic acid test proof within 2 days.Prior to the examination, those who have traveled abroad or lived in non-low-risk areas should provide medical observation proof and nucleic acid test negative proof within 2 days.Confirmed or suspected cases or asymptomatic infected persons who are still in isolation for treatment and those who have not completed the isolation period shall not participate in the qualification review.Candidates who conceal physical abnormalities, lie about travel and residence history, contact history, health status and other key epidemic prevention and control information, or do not cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control staff to carry out testing, inquiry, investigation and other serious consequences, will be disqualified from the qualification review and examination, and will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.Relevant prevention and control requirements will be adjusted in a timely manner according to the epidemic prevention and control situation at the provincial, municipal and district levels and the instructions of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters.Discipline and Supervision Applicants must truthfully provide relevant certificates and fill in the Registration Form of Staff affiliated to Sihong Cultural Tourism Group truthfully, accurately and seriously.Those who engage in fraud shall be disqualified for examination and employment after verification.The whole process of recruitment to accept the county discipline inspection and supervision department and social supervision, serious recruitment discipline, strict impartiality, is strictly prohibited from favoritism.Any violation of rules and regulations will result in the cancellation of the examination and employment qualification, and the relevant personnel will be held accountable.Sihong Culture and Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for the interpretation of this brief.February 10, 2022, Wenlv Group