Unemployed education and training personnel in Hebei do not seek re-employment, but teasing the school network to answer questions.What’s going on?

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Just now, a friend who is engaged in teaching and training complained that all schools in Hebei province are asking students to “voluntarily” open online courses under various names, which has caused the cancellation of all the remedial classes he had decided to take after the New Year.He joked that the higher authorities did not care about these schools.His complaints tickled me.Because this elder brother is a well-known local training institution, the result “double minus” fall to the ground, they are in this institution closed down.He is also too serious employment, on the private personal “guidance”, of course, we all know is illegal, but after all is a friend, there is no need to report him to play.And it’s the holidays he will again to find a few “unemployed” teacher training institutions engaging in a discipline class of classes, but you have to check it is very difficult to get his class, because the elder brother of several students first screening of class, are they know their parents accept their children, and regularly teaching somewhere else.I’m afraid some people are wondering, isn’t it more expensive to rent a house?In fact, they are all local people, who have no friends from the countryside, looking for a friend’s idle house to do a few days, and then change the place, the cost is not much higher.Before the winter vacation, the friend said that although he lost his job and was now at risk of being reported, the training fees he received during this period of time were much more than what he earned by working for an institution, and that half a year could exceed the income of three or four years.And this time the friend winter vacation to make remedial classes only in the year before 12 days, a total of more than 20 children, training costs 5600 yuan, in the local price is normal now, but relative to last year doubled, excluding all kinds of costs, several teachers a point, ha ha, tens of thousands of hands.Why is that?This friend is tutoring high school teachers, to be honest, counseling agencies can not much tutoring high school, also is one of the talent, but he went to many private schools to teach the university entrance exam graduating class is no problem, just feel private school too tired, as for the public schools, and not so easy, relatively low counseling agencies, but also to look, he is not willing to.In addition, engaged in counseling for a long time, many parents are recognized by him, these parents’ children have good grades, privately there are parents’ friends to find him, through layers of guarantee will accept children to accept counseling.And this elder brother with the parents have a word in advance, looking for a friend guarantee to enter the school is not to say that he is much cattle, but because of the current tutoring situation has a relationship, after all, his tutoring children belongs to the violation of the behavior.He can beat a man if he wants to.After all, the winter vacation in Hebei province is relatively long. If the class lasts at least 15-20 days after the New Year, how can the fee be 6,000? These teachers can get a lot of money.Nevertheless the school undertakes online comment below student voluntary circumstance, this circumstance, estimate all over the country is same, the principal is not willing to do so actually, but do not stand other school so play, oneself do not do, other school counselling, who is bad to blame in the future?In the end the parents had to blame the headmaster.Since everyone is engaged in, the principals are also holding their nose to recognize, that together, anyway, are voluntary network q&A.Think of learning situation around now also pretty interesting, seriously implement the burden in some extent, to some extent exacerbated again, the most bitter is not a student, the school, teachers and parents, school teachers is quite helpless, some high income family gave up extracurricular counselling, but some middle-income families holding your nose also have to find places for children to accept outside tutoring,Wealthier families call teachers into their homes.What’s the situation over there?Let’s hear it.Graph source network, intrusion deletion.We are looking forward to your attention, sharing and comments by reading interesting educational stories, sharing educational ideas and understanding subject knowledge