The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has also cancelled all the certificates required to apply for unemployment benefits

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(1) Have participated in unemployment insurance according to the provisions, and the employer and MYSELF have fulfilled the payment obligation for one year according to the provisions;(2) The labor relationship is terminated involuntarily;(3) Registered at the unemployment office and applied for a job.The second kind of “involuntary dimission”, I personally understand there are probably several cases: the company directly closed down;Companies are laying people off;There was a major change in the way the company was run and the job was gone;Major changes have taken place in the personal health of employees, and the original requirements for work have been eliminated;In short, quitting your job is definitely not allowed, and you’re not entitled to unemployment insurance.In reality, the vast majority of people eligible for unemployment insurance are actually people laid off by companies, but how do you prove that?While social Security staff will verify your former employer when you file your unemployment insurance application form (usually by phone), you’ll always need a document to prove it, so if you leave your job, it’s best to have a proof of termination, even if it’s a pro forma notice of termination or layoff.Second, are our unemployment insurance rules reasonable and can they be changed?In the regulations cited above: a) If you are insured under the regulations and both your employer and you have fulfilled the obligation to contribute under the regulations for one year.This means that our unemployment insurance is actually shared by companies and individuals, but if you lose your job because you personally quit your job and didn’t want to take a job with a social organization, you may not receive unemployment insurance for the rest of your life.In foreign countries, such as the United States, the situation is slightly different – companies pay unemployment insurance and individuals bear no liability.However, in our country, the situation is different because individuals are also obliged to contribute, and therefore, in this regard, those who are actively unemployed should also be allowed to receive insurance benefits because they have paid a lot of money.In addition, the payment and reimbursement of maternity insurance are also criticized by many people, and there are many unreasonable places, which should be improved and changed.