Tangshan High-speed Group’s Spring Festival traffic flow of 1.225 million vehicles

2022-05-04 0 By

Bohai rim news network news (reporter Han Dong correspondent Shi Xiaoxuan) holiday, tangshan expressway group active knowledge change, positive strain, in a more cautious attitude to deal with travel, epidemic prevention, triple “big test”, with more warm heart of service, adherence to the safety line, optimization services, efforts to ensure the people to travel, and come back home safe, warm happy Chinese New Year.From January 31 to February 6, 19 toll stations in five sections under the control of Tangshan Expressway Group had a total traffic flow of 1.225 million vehicles, an increase of 21.9% compared with the Spring Festival of 2021.The group never slacken its efforts in epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival, organizing preventive disinfection, personal protection, temperature and code testing in key areas.We will fully cooperate with public security and health departments to carry out epidemic prevention inspections at toll stations, actively coordinate with traffic police and epidemic prevention departments to open more detection channels according to the traffic flow at toll stations, scientifically divert vehicles, improve the efficiency of vehicle passage, and ensure the efficient operation of epidemic prevention and control.This group pays great attention to transportation guarantee, focuses on the “warm road home” action, and strives to build “warm heart” service area and “warm heart” toll station, providing more warm and warm road travel services for the masses.According to the working mechanism of “one station, one policy”, planning and blocking measures in advance;We will organize the transportation of epidemic prevention and control materials, energy materials such as coal and natural gas, and key daily supplies such as grain, meat, poultry and vegetables.During the Spring Festival holiday, the group reduced or exempted about 543,000 small buses with a total amount of about 12.291 million yuan, and 1,407 green channel vehicles with a total amount of about 312,000 yuan.During the Spring Festival holiday, the highway section road production brigade sent 86 inspectors, 21 vehicle times, 36 times of rescue, 19 accidents, the toll station accumulated to persuade back over the limit overloaded vehicles 138 times.Source: Huanbo News network