State Council: the implementation of rural governance system construction 5 action!Who can be a village cadre?

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Record rural life, write “three rural” issues, uncovering social focus!Thanks for your attention!The Spring Festival has just passed, about agriculture, rural issues and work has been put on the agenda, as the saying goes, “spring comes early, busy field farming”, the countryside began to make plans for spring ploughing, at the same time, cross-season crops also began to carry out field management.In this context, The State Council recently issued the “14th Five-year plan” to promote agricultural and rural modernization.The plan covers all aspects of the countryside and deploys the main work contents of the countryside during the “14th Five-year Plan”, which plays a guiding and normative role. In the specification, it mentions the construction of a number of projects, among which the implementation of modern rural governance system is the most important part.How should rural governance, by who governance, governance team how to build?These problems are clear, modern rural governance system is mainly composed of five projects.First, the rural grass-roots party organization responsible person training program;Second, village affairs sunshine project;Third, rural governance pilot demonstration action;Fourth, safe rural construction action;Fifth, high-quality farmer training project.From the selection of village cadres, to the open village affairs and then to the sharing of rural governance, from the rural public security control and then to the cultivation of high-quality farmers, the development of rural practical leaders, can be said to blossom in all aspects.So, what person is the first selection that village cadre manages talent of this kind of country?According to the “planning” guidance, four types of people become the first choice: (1) the village rich expert economic construction in rural development must be a top priority, it is said that the economic foundation determines the superstructure, this has a great sense.Capital is the short board of rural development, how rich, how rich, the village first rich rich hands have the most say.Most of the village rich experts are based on the local entrepreneurial environment, so that the development of other villagers can be faster landing and adapt to the localization.Have experience and ability to lead the village to common prosperity.(2) The rural development of migrant workers and business returnees is limited by the shortage of talents. Under the economic tide, cities have more opportunities and living space. As a result, a large number of farmers go to the cities to work hard, so that the rural talents die, and the rural areas become increasingly backward.It is also a shortcut for people to return home to lead the development of villagers.At present, many rural areas are rejuvenated by the return of outstanding talents, from experience to capital to channels, as well as a variety of management ideas, compared with those who stick to the countryside, the vision is broader.(3) College students who return home after finishing their studies are full of love and expectation for the countryside and their native land.At present, most rural college students still want to settle down in the city, so it is more valuable to return to the hometown of college students.High education does not necessarily mean high skills, but with the support of modern theory and high knowledge, it plays a positive role in the development of the village.Rural development cannot be achieved without the enrichment of highly educated people, especially those college students who have feelings for their hometown and are committed to changing the poverty of their hometown.At present, in the countryside, the most supported by farmers is that retired soldiers become village cadres, and the color of the people’s army remains unchanged at present.The rural children who have experienced military education are different from the average people in terms of organization, discipline and coordination.Want to do, dare to do, now rural governance is lack of such an indomitable spirit, especially in the aging of serious rural areas, inaction or ineffective village cadres too much, long ago to inject new vitality, let the “village and two committees” healthy development.In addition to these candidates for the leader of the village party organization, but also through a variety of ways for each village reserve village level reserve force.Encourage places where conditions permit to explore professional management of village cadres.Training for community-level officials in rural areas on rural revitalization was carried out.We will increase efforts to recruit party members from young farmers, migrant workers and businessmen, and women.Expand the scope of village leadership, promote the willingness of villagers to participate in village affairs and village-level resolutions, and achieve the purpose of shared governance by villagers.We have to mobilize the enthusiasm of the villagers to think and work together, which not only consolidated the position of the two village committees, but also united the masses. There is no reason why such a village could not develop.Rural governance is not a matter of a short time. We must think of the people for a long time.A rich village cadre is not called rich, when the village collective development is good, the villagers are rich, then the village cadre is naturally rich, whether it is name or profit also have.However, it has to be said that many village cadres only care about their own interests at the moment, leading to the development of the village not to say, their own end is not good, this is not worth the gain.