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The Spring Festival is a time for family and friends to reunite, and the flow of personnel is larger.In the current global pandemic of novel Coronavirus pneumonia, the Shaanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warm reminder to remind people to take vaccinations in time to protect the health of their families while enjoying the happy and peaceful Spring Festival.In view of hot issues related to vaccination, the reporter contacted and interviewed relevant experts.I. The overall situation of COVID-19 in China is stable. Is vaccination necessary?Experts from the Provincial CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention responded that at present, there is still a great risk of imported cases, and a series of local clusters of cases have occurred in China, and the risk of human infection still exists.The vaccine is effective in reducing the risk of severe illness or even death in the event of novel coronavirus infection. Therefore, it is recommended that those who have not been vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine should be vaccinated as soon as possible, those who have not been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine should be fully vaccinated as soon as possible, and those who have been vaccinated with basic COVID-19 vaccine for more than six months should be vaccinated with booster dose as soon as notified.More than 10 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered globally, and nearly 3 billion doses have been administered in China.Vaccines have played a big role in preventing infection and reducing the incidence of disease.But after vaccination, immunity and protection can decline and weaken over time.Studies have shown that intensive immunization at 6 months after novel coronavirus vaccine can rapidly increase neutralizing antibodies in the recipient, and there is no significant difference in the type and probability of adverse reactions from the baseline immunization.Booster immunization with novel Coronavirus vaccine is therefore necessary.Ii. Is it necessary for older persons to be vaccinated against novel Coronavirus?Experts say everyone is the first person responsible for their own health.The risk of severe illness and death in novel coronavirus infection in older persons aged 60 and above is much higher than in younger persons due to the high number of underlying diseases.Even if they do not travel much, other persons in the home may carry home the risk of Novel coronavirus infection, leading to infection and illness in older persons in the home.Therefore, in a highly responsible attitude towards ourselves, our families and the society, everyone, especially our elderly friends, should actively take the Novel Coronavirus vaccine instead of being a bystander or outsider.The novel Coronavirus vaccine is once again called on older persons in good health to be vaccinated as soon as possible.Elderly people with underlying diseases should ensure that the underlying diseases are well controlled and in stable condition before vaccination. If they are not sure whether they are in stable condition, they can be vaccinated with novel coronavirus vaccine if the drugs are well controlled and the condition is stable.One day before inoculation, have a good rest.Make an appointment before vaccination, wear a mask and bring your ID card.Wear easy to wear off loose clothes, do not have an empty stomach.Third, can people with underlying diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and tumors and those with impaired immune function get COVID-19 vaccine?Experts clearly, basic chronic diseases can be controlled by drugs, the body can maintain a stable, good state, can be vaccinated.For patients with hypertension, after adjusting the hypertension treatment plan, until blood pressure control in normal or close to the normal range, can be vaccinated.If the blood pressure fluctuation is large and obviously beyond the normal range, it is recommended to postpone the vaccination, timely communicate with the doctor, adjust the treatment plan, and vaccinate after meeting the requirements.Patients with diabetes can receive COVID-19 vaccine normally if their blood sugar is stable and there are no acute complications or acute onset of chronic complications through lifestyle adjustment and/or drug treatment.For patients with other diseases, such as cancer, after surgery or radiation or chemotherapy has stabilized, can be normal vaccination.Like heart disease patients, in a stable period can also be vaccinated.Immunocompromised persons are at high risk of severe illness and death after infection with novel coronavirus.The immune response and protective effect of the vaccine may be reduced.For inactivated vaccines and recombinant subunit vaccines, vaccination is recommended according to the safety characteristics of previous vaccines of the same type.For adenovirus vector vaccine, although the vector virus used is replication-deficient, there is no previous safety data of the same type of vaccine. It is recommended that individuals be vaccinated after being fully informed that the benefits outweigh the risks.Patients in stable stage of disease, before and after vaccination, should still follow the doctor’s advice to take medicine, including hypertension patients, diabetes patients, heart disease patients, hypothyroidism patients using conventional drugs.Specific can refer to relevant medicaments instruction manual.4. Why do children aged 3-11 need novel Coronavirus vaccine?Experts have identified the novel Coronavirus vaccine as an important measure to establish an immune barrier in the population to control the spread of COVID-19, and children, young people and people over the age of 18 are the priority groups for the construction of an immune barrier.Schools are densely populated places, which are prone to local transmission and epidemic once COVID-19 occurs.Providing better protection to people aged 3-11 through vaccination, on the one hand, enables the majority of the population to acquire immunity, thus effectively reducing the risk of illness, severe illness and death;On the other hand, orderly vaccination of novel Coronavirus vaccine can improve the overall immunity level of children aged 3-11 years, block the epidemic of COVID-19 and ensure the normal functioning of school students’ learning and life.The safety and immunogenicity of the Novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine in persons aged 3-11 years are not significantly different from those in persons aged 18 years and older and are equally safe.V. How to reseed those who have not completed the whole immunization procedure?Need to start over?Experts said that for those who have not been fully immunized with two or three doses of vaccine, it is recommended to revaccinate as soon as possible and there is no need to re-vaccinate according to the immunization procedure.Vi. Will our prevention and control measures be adjusted after vaccination?Experts say that in addition to vaccination, prevention and control measures at this stage include wearing masks, social distancing, frequent hand washing, ventilation and other protective measures to prevent a rebound of COVID-19.The prevention and control measures targeted at people will be adjusted in due course as the coverage rate of COVID-19 vaccine increases and the epidemic situation changes at home and abroad.I also remind the general public, while enjoying the festive atmosphere, remember to get vaccinated in time, prevent COVID-19 together, and be a good health guardian for themselves and their families.Source: shaanxi province CDC editor: challenges yuan editor: yun-peng liu audit: Marsha click below focus on 1018 shan guang news WeChat public reply keywords: social security, access to social security in xian reply N problems associated keywords: locating, reply for xi ‘an public security pocket household registration office address key words: talent, talent for xi ‘an classification policy response keywords:To buy a house, to understand the latest property market policy in Xi ‘anShaanxi Broadcasting News has entered the following platforms, such as Douyin, Video, Kuaishou, Sina Weibo, Toutiao, Dragonfly FM, Penguin FM, Himalaya FM, etc