Fengtai power games have me | “robot chef” ones with fire Fengtai power supply range

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Robot orders food “from the sky”…Wisdom restaurant located in the center of the Beijing Olympic main media has become the domestic and foreign media reporter web celebrity punch to the fifteenth day of hot dumplings with good wishes to the journalists behind table automatic production to leave Beijing fengtai power supply company the games are the main media center power support team hard nuclear power security support team to view robots in wisdom restaurantEquipment electricity supply security team personnel in wisdom restaurant during the peak of power distribution cabinet temperature measuring load work Beijing Olympic main media center wisdom restaurant, occupies an area of 3680 square meters, can accommodate nearly one thousand people dining at the same time, the restaurant area is large, the socket and the number of lamps and lanterns is more, and run 24 hours a day, all-weather dynamic load.It is understood that since the development of venue security work, fengtai power supply company winter Olympics main media center power security team actively docking with the restaurant management, began to carpet investigation of electrical equipment.In the process of security, the team took care of the equipment in the form of inspection work order, and did a good job of temperature measurement and load measurement. Multiple systems were used to achieve full coverage of 24-hour digital monitoring in the security area.Fine operation mode, so that the winter Olympic power security on the road more “insurance” bolt.Source: Fengtai Rong Media Center Correspondent: Yang Shuyao, Hu Nan Editor: LAN