City public security bureau held party history study education summary meeting

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On January 24, city public security bureau held a party history study education review meeting, earnestly study and implement general secretary xi important indicator spirit, the full implementation of the central and provincial party committee, the municipal party committee party history study on education arrangement deployment, review summarizes the history of the party learning education result and experience, education to consolidate the development history of the party study results for arrangement.Liao Zhengtai, the leader of the fourth tour steering group of municipal Party history study and education, the deputy director of financial and economic Budget Working Committee of the Standing Committee of municipal People’s Congress attended the meeting and gave a speech.Hu Shengyong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Party Committee, executive deputy director, traffic police detachment leader made a speech on behalf of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Party Committee.The meeting by the city public Security Bureau party committee member, director of the political department Chai Ling chaired.To develop study education conference pointed out that the history of the party, since JuShu party organizations at all levels, the auxiliary police police staff in accordance with the “history of understanding, learn to learn history of credit, learn chong-de shi, dynamics” the general requirements, earnestly implement the jinping important instructions and General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee decision deployment, provincial party committee, municipal party committee work arrangement, in the municipal party committee party history study education under the guidance of the fourth circuit steering group carefully,Adhere to deep learning to promote, in order to win hearts and minds, and closely combined with the police team education reorganization, focus on studying fine enlightenment in deep fluctuation kongfu, in the work to promote the actual effect, on the make an issue of the overall situation, in the public service the unreal, party history study education rich contents, various forms, colorful, implements the “learning history of the party, the enlightenment thought, does the practical work, open a new bureau” goal.The meeting stressed that the city’s public security organs at all levels and the vast majority of party members police force the worker to take history as a mirror, create the future, thoroughly study and apply new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics, carry forward the great spirit of the founding, constantly absorb wisdom strength from the history of the party, by the previous step, as actively, promote the party history study education to carry out long-term.First, we must carry forward our achievements, make persistent efforts, and constantly consolidate and expand the achievements of party history study and education.We must always use Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as a powerful ideological weapon to keep in mind the overall trend, keep in mind the overall situation, guard against risks, and solve difficult problems, and demonstrate our loyalty and sense of responsibility with actions.We should take the summary as a new starting point, establish a long-term mechanism and play a long-term role, solidify the practical measures explored and formed in the study and education of party history, and promote the institutionalization, standardization and scientization of practical affairs for the people.Second, we must keep in mind our original aspiration, fulfill our mission, and unswervingly strengthen the Party and lead the team.We should unswervingly adhere to the absolute and overall leadership of the Party in public security work;Unswervingly adhere to the people-centered development philosophy;Unswervingly adhere to strict, standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement;We unswervingly adhered to comprehensively and strictly governing the Party and the police, and promoted the upgrading of the municipal public security work and team building with greater strength and more concrete measures.Third, he should ring and work hard to get a good result in the new test.We need to focus on the task of ensuring security and maintaining stability at the Party’s 20th National Congress, work hard and forge ahead with determination, and create a work environment in which the driving force for development is stronger, the police force is more efficient and effective, and the community community has a stronger foundation.We need to maintain our political resolve, and work more firmly and consciously to uphold the two principles.We should be more confident in history and more firmly and consciously perform our duties and missions of maintaining security and stability.Adhere to the overall interests of the country, more firmly and consciously engaged in the construction of the “six new Military power”, better shoulder the responsibility of risk prevention and control, the “main force” of safety construction, and strive to maintain a stable and healthy economic environment, a peaceful and peaceful social environment, and a clean and upright political environment.