Smoked bean curd (19) | video lesson

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Caidadong multi-functional teaching building, next to the experimental building.At the moment, hundreds of students are sitting in the three-floor multimedia classroom, waiting to hear professor Holly, one of the “four geniuses”, give a lecture on western economics.In the early days of the university, Huo and other scholars, using lecture notes from Fudan university, taught western economics courses and could talk about Adam Smith, Keynes, and Samuelson in a straightforward way.Later, based on his lecture notes, he published the book Modern Western Economics, which has been a required textbook for finance and economics universities.Professor Huo’s lectures are profound, informative, affectionate and humorous, which are the most popular among students.For Gu beixi and Xia Dongliang, it was almost superstitious. Gu Beixi, in particular, had been very averse to studying these boring economic figures, but only liked huo’s lectures.In order to express his reverence for Professor Huo, Gu beixi even imitated the format of dreamlike, wrote a few words to professor Huo: visit Australia across the sea, how much more cheerful.Ask the financial times.No wonder, no wonder, the reputation is out there.It seemed like a long time, but it came.Professor Huo, dressed in a suit and tie, appeared with a smile in front of the students. After greeting them with his amiable mid and low voice, he said on the multimedia machine while operating, “In today’s class, we will not talk about the economy, but about the system. First, we will show you a video.On the projection screen appeared a man standing on a high platform in the square, Shouting to the men and women, young and old: if our country is to be strong and the nation is to be independent, there must be the awakening of the people and freedom, there must be institutional change, the country after the change, should be free!In the video, the people on stage are excited, and the people on stage are excited.Attentive Gu beixi noticed that Professor Huo, who was originally facing them, could not help but turn around after hearing such a speech, but from his point of view, professor Huo could still be seen gently wiping away tears.When the video ended, Professor Huo sighed deeply and said to the students, “Ah!My disciples, you should know that the ultimate goal of any kind of learning is the realization of human freedom, and in this, institutions play a very crucial role.Therefore, your teacher and I began to put more energy on the study of the system.You should know that the biggest characteristic of the institutional approach to the study of economy, which is different from the mainstream school of Western economics mentioned before, is that it starts from the study of the relationship between people….In other words, if the relationship between people is not handled well, from the micro point of view, it is the biggest uneconomy of a single life body, if the relationship between people is not solved in the system level, then the macro level analysis, it is the whole market, social uneconomy…Gu Beixi, if have insight to listen to professor Huo talk, he suddenly thought, how to deal with the relationship between him and Wu Qinglin more economically?Economic theory is the smallest investment, the biggest return, so he should be a little convergence, save money, save feelings, no longer persistent pursuit?But that’s where the biggest payoff comes in, right?