Second generation CS55PLUS from the market to now how popular

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As the current domestic auto market growth rate is stable and sales accounted for the segment market, SUV market is always lack of competition.And the fierce market competition also means that the market sales volume has a very high gold content, after all, can be in the vast sea of cars by a large number of consumers at the same time, its value is self-evident.However, the SUV market has been relatively stable sales ranking, so it is very difficult for car companies to dominate this list, it can be described as divided but close.However, in October this year, the balance was completely upset by Changan Automobile.Changan CS75 and Changan CS55 series ranked third and fourth in SUV sales in October this year.CS75, as an old power brigade, is no doubt a very normal thing.However, as for CS55 series, the second generation CS55PLUS, its core model, as a new car that has been on the market for only two months, exceeded 20,000 units in the second month, helping CS55 series to enter the fourth place in SUV sales, which is undoubtedly surprising.As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are so many SUV models in China, why is the second-generation CS55PLUS instantly popular?Is it hard to build a “wow” car in this day and age?It’s not hard at all.Just like the design of supercar is for aerodynamics, good-looking is only one of the criteria to judge whether a design is good or not. More importantly, perfect integration of appearance level and practicality is the success of a car design, which is also the success of the second generation CS55PLUS.Different from simply pursuing a high level of appearance, the second generation CS55PLUS not only meets the personalized needs of contemporary young people on the level of appearance, but also takes into account unexpected practicality.For example, in the front face design, the second generation OF CS55PLUS uses a wide front face design not only gives people a sense of momentum extended horizontally, combined with a sense of science and technology full of light and shadow progressive grille and star ring daytime running lights, so that the second generation of CS55PLUS instantly pull full of quality, let people forget.At the same time, the second generation CS55PLUS also the hard time in the body design, it does not adopt the now common “waist” type design, but excluding the body line of heavy and complicated, presents a full round feeling, the benefits of this design is the echo of the second generation CS55PLUS before the face of wide-body attitude, more important is to be able to further expand the interior.And the second generation of CS55PLUS used this set of star ring hub, is the use of advanced and mature low-pressure casting process production and manufacturing, and according to the international standard of impact resistance and fatigue resistance of more than 20%.It can be seen that the second generation CS55PLUS is not only beautiful in shape, but also brings more comfortable and safe travel experience to drivers.In order to echo the technological design of the front, the tail of the second generation OF CS55PLUS also uses a star ring LED taillight composed of 128 LED lights. With the star ring tail brake light perfectly integrated with the tail, scientific elements surround the second generation of CS55PLUS vehicle, giving a unique sense of science and technology, while bringing high recognition.It can be said that the second-generation CS55PLUS can meet both the technology and practicality of The Times.In terms of appearance design, the second generation CS55PLUS, which meets both appearance level and practicality, is obviously not only about appearance, but also about heart.But of course, for car design, it’s not just about the look, it’s also about the interior experience.Especially for the pursuit of intelligent technology now, the car needs to achieve not only advanced intelligence, but also practical intelligence, and this is the second success point of the second generation CS55PLUS.Speaking of the core intelligent highlight of the second generation CS55PLUS, nothing is better than the supercontinuous split dual-screen design with 12.3-inch central control screen and 10.25-inch LCD instrument display screen.The design allows seamless interaction of multi-dimensional information on two screens, which means you can see everything in the car from the dashboard in front of you as you drive.Another smart highlight of the second generation CS55PLUS lies in its IMS intelligent interaction system, which pushes the convenience of in-car applications.In addition to the extremely convenient intelligent interconnection application, the Face ID Face recognition system integrated by IMS intelligent interaction system will bring you a different intelligent experience.Not only does the system make it easy to start your car, you just need to recognize your face and tap on the brakes to start the car.And the system can also achieve fatigue monitoring and non-standard behavior cues, such as when you yawn while driving, the system will carry out step-by-step voice warning, music refreshing and other ways to fatigue intervention.Or when you smoke, the system will automatically open the window and turn on the air purification system to ensure your driving safety.When it comes to the trend of contemporary cars, performance is also an unavoidable topic.But now many car companies have fallen into a mistake, thinking that performance is fast, but in fact, performance is not only fast, but also need to match with the control.Therefore, the second generation OF CS55PLUS is different from models that purely pursue acceleration performance, and it pays more attention to comprehensive driving experience matching performance, which is the third point of success of the second generation of CS55PLUS.In terms of power equipment, the second generation CS55PLUS is equipped with blue Whale new generation NE1.5T high pressure direct injection engine jointly developed by Changan Headquarters and Changan UK Center. The power of this engine is 138kW, the peak torque is as high as 300N·m, and the fuel consumption per 100 km is only 5.9L;It is matched by a blue Whale 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox with a combined transmission efficiency of 94.3%.In terms of power output and fuel economy, the second generation CS55PLUS has outstanding performance.In the face of the automobile market filled with intelligence, personality, performance and other attributes, we can see that more and more impetuous new products appear, all advocating personality avant-garde, but often ignore the core use value of automobile consumers.The success of the second generation CS55PLUS lies in that it is not superficial, but a good balance between consumer needs and core values.But of course, behind all this, Chang ‘an automobile has been implementing the product concept of “Science and Technology Chang ‘an Smart Partner”, which has empowered its various products and brought outstanding market performance.From January to October this year, The sales volume of Changan Automobile exceeded 1.9 million units, and the cumulative sales volume of Changan Series Of Chinese brand cars reached 1,496,127 units, up 25.1% year on year. This not only confirms the leading position of Changan Automobile in the domestic automobile market, but also proves the trust and love of Changan automobile among domestic consumers.(The article is from the network, please contact to delete infringement)