Huian Dongling town Daqiu village held “Dragon teng And Tiger Yue Celebrate New Year’s heart gathering spectrum new chapter” table tennis tournament

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On February 2nd (the second day of the first lunar month), daqiu village, Dongling town, held the table tennis match in daqiu village old people’s Association.The competition is divided into three groups: junior group, youth group and senior group.Although the match on the day of spring rain, but no match for everyone’s love of table tennis, the scene attracted many lovers of table tennis to participate in the registration.Among them are the old with white hair, the young in their prime, as well as the female generals.In addition to father and son soldiers and husband and wife teams, there will also be a team who won the second place in the 2019 Huidong Table Tennis Competition.After the competition began, the contestants were ready to try.The competition between qiu Rongfa, a retired teacher in the senior group, and Liu Yongping, a veteran, was very exciting and won rounds of applause.Lau Ka-wai was a dark horse in the junior group, winning the junior group title with 5 straight wins.At the age of 14, Liu Yi Yang was a fearless young player. He played fast, hard and accurate. He beat his father Liu Junming all the way to the final.The whole activity drew to a close in a lively and festive atmosphere.”To hold this table tennis competition in the Spring Festival, one is to respond to the national fitness call, enrich the villagers’ cultural and sports life;Second, create a strong atmosphere of civilization and festivals, and advocate a positive and healthy lifestyle.We will continue to hold such events in the future.Finally, I wish you all a lucky Year of the Tiger!All the best!I wish daqiu village a thriving economic and social development!”Daqiu village party branch secretary Liu Xuehong said.Source of politics to edit | | east ridge Su Jianzhong coordinating editor | | Cai Xiaoqing audit book Lin da disclaimer: the article content such as content, copyright or other problems, please contact with the public, in a month, we will delete reproduced please contact authorized background in the first time, reprint please indicate the source when HuiAn speed (ID:Huiansubao) article source: Huian Express