A Surviving Revolutionary -35 (Zeng Zhi)

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The peaceful settlement of the Yan ‘an Incident (December 12, 1936) forced the Kuomintang authorities to end a decade of civil war. The following year, the “July 7” Incident led to a fierce battle between Chinese and Japanese troops at the Marco Polo Bridge, starting the Anti-Japanese War.In August 1937, the KUOMINTANG and the Communist party reached agreements on reorganizing the main force of the Yan ‘an Red Army into the Eighth Route Army, setting up eighth Route Army offices in several cities under kuomintang rule, and publishing Xinhua Daily.Thus, the Kuomintang and the Communist parties began to cooperate again, and the anti-japanese national united front initiated by our party was formally formed.However, while talking of cooperation, the Kuomintang tried every means to limit or undermine the Anti-japanese and national salvation activities of the Communist Party, and even regarded the Communist Party as the enemy.So we still have to be underground in Shanghai.After the July 7 Incident and the August 13 Battle of Shanghai, I took part in more and more public activities and gradually attracted the attention of kuomintang agents, so I was often Shadowed.The Kuomintang had a dense network of spies, covering the whole of Shanghai, and there were plainclothes spies on almost every street. The number of spies on this side could be heard and seen by the spies on the other side if they gave a secret signal, which made the people feel insecure and brought great difficulties to the underground work of the Party.Spy tracking is often not one person to the end, because it is easy to be discovered, they use a station to hand over a station relay way, stick to the object, has followed you to your residence.But spy is crafty again, the person that has underground work of experience still can see through at a glance, take measure in time to throw off “tail”.Of course, it’s also possible that you think you’ve lost your tail, but in fact another tail has followed you, so the slightest mistake can be a big mistake.Once I came out of a reading seminar, I found myself being watched by a spy. I turned several streets and went in and out of several stores. More than an hour later, the spy’s face changed several times, but there was always a “tail” that could not be removed.Finally, I went to the door of a rich man in the French concession.The owner was the manager of a toilet water factory. His son, a middle school student, demanded progress and was active in the “little mister System” movement.I’ve been to his house. I know his family and his servants.The maid opened the door for me, and just as she turned to close it, I hurried across the hall, opened the back door, and turned into another alley, where the servant thought I had reached the second floor.In this way, I cleverly got rid of the spies.On another night, I came out of a gay man’s house and found myself being followed by a spy on a dark road.I turned several roads, still can not get rid of him, sometimes behind, sometimes in front, and I passed.I could neither take it lightly nor lose my head, so I pressed on, and thought quickly.When WE reached the French Concession, I saw an Annam patrol standing at the crossroads. I had an idea. I went up to the patrol and pointed to the spy who was following me.I turned and pointed my arms akimbo at the spy. “Where is your conscience?Shanghai is being bombarded with artillery and bombarded by The Asians every day. The common people have no way to survive. Do you still want to bully others?Perhaps because I was right in my scolding, the spy had no answer for a moment. In a hurry, he took out his “dispatche” and handed it to Annan.Who knows that patrol soldier partial want to fill big, read the certificate return in both tone and tone stern to scold him: “later put behave a bit!Do you hear me?”The spy grabbed the “dispatch” and jumped on the tram and ran away.My work in Shanghai was becoming more and more difficult because of the increased surveillance, so it was decided that I should leave Shanghai and go to Yan ‘an.Yan ‘an, is the holy land in my heart, Yan ‘an has the Party Central Committee, Chairman MAO, and many old leaders and old friends I am familiar with, can go to Yan ‘an, is really very happy!I had received a letter of introduction from the Party organization and planned to travel to Yan ‘an through the eighth Route Army office in Nanjing.At that time, Ren Tiefeng had left Shanghai one step ahead of me.During the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression in Shanghai, yellow trade unions in Shanghai cooperated with our party and organized an armed brigade.Although Ren Tiefeng graduated from one of China’s earliest naval schools and was a good fighter, the temporary brigade was broken up as soon as it met the Japanese troops in the water net area.Ren tiefeng took three female nurses from Renji Hospital, one of whom would later become his wife, to Wuhan to report the failure to the party.When he heard that the team had failed, the leading comrade was very angry and expelled him from the Party and told him to find his own way out.After the establishment of the New Fourth Army, Ren Tiefeng asked to work in the New Fourth Army, but his request was ignored.Unable to make a living in Shanghai, he returned to Fujian, where he joined forces with a fellow villager (also a former Communist party member) to earn his living by doing small business.After crushing the Gang of Four, the party re-examined his history, rehabilitated him, implemented policies and reinstated him as a member of the Party.In his later years ren Tiefeng was very concerned about the country’s reform and opening up and economic construction, especially the party history work in eastern Fujian.Ren Died in Shanghai in 1987 at the age of 78.I left Shanghai in September 1937 when I heard about Tao Zhu in the office of the Eighth Route Army.At that time, the shanghai-Nanjing railway was the focus of Japanese aircraft attacks, bombarded almost daily.The train had only gone one stop when it met enemy planes and many air raids in between.When it was announced that the train would not leave, we had to take a coach instead.Unexpectedly the Japanese aircraft on the road also came to attack, a lot of people were injured.When I finally got to Suzhou, the bus stopped, so I had to go into town to find a hotel to stay.Suzhou used to be a quiet little town, but when I entered the city, I saw that all the houses in the city were painted black, the streets were ten rooms and nine closed, and few people walked around. The whole city was dull and gloomy, and there was a solemn atmosphere as if it had entered the underworld.It took me two whole days and nights to come from Shanghai to Nanjing.I found the eight route Army office, the comrade of the office then sent me to the guest house — this is the party guest house!With this thought, I felt warm all over.The guest house is set in a bungalow on the outskirts of Nanjing, overlooking a lush, idyllic landscape.One of the director is Xia Zixu, mostly live in the party rescued from the nanjing prison comrades, summer sister and her mother also just came out of prison.Nervously, I asked Zeng Bao, who had just come out of nanjing military prison, about Tao Zhu.Zeng Bao said tao Zhu was still here a few days ago. Now he has been transferred to wuhan and Hubei Provincial Working Committee.””So, how did Tao Zhu do in prison?”I asked eagerly.”He was very determined and was one of the leaders of various struggles in the military prison. Tao Zhu and I were friends in the prison and we all respected him.””And what of the rumors of his treachery?””It’s nonsense, it’s the enemy!All political prisoners in military prisons know that Tao’s bones are the hardest and the most resolute in fighting against the enemy!”I was overjoyed to hear the news, a mental burden that had been hanging over me for years was finally released.Seeing me, Zeng Bao was a little pleased and asked me suddenly, “Are you Zeng Zhi?”I busy answer: “yes yes yes!”Zeng Bao said, “Oh, why didn’t you say so?!Tao Zhu often told me about you in prison. He wrote to your mother the moment he got out. Didn’t he get it? ‘When I heard this, I told him that I had not written to my family for many years, and they did not know where I was.As luck would have it, we were supposed to go to Yan ‘an via Zhengzhou, but the Nanjing office of the Eighth Route Army escorted us to send an important document to Dong Biwu in Wuhan, so we decided to take us to Yan ‘an via Wuhan.It was exactly what I wanted.So, I along with the traffic officer to take the river ferry to Wuhan.Xia Zhixu (1906-1987), female, was born in Zhejiang Province.He joined the Communist Party of China in 1923. In his early years, he took part in revolutionary struggles in Beijing, Wuchang and Shanghai. In 1929, he went to study in the Soviet Union.She was the wife of Zhao Shiyan, the early leader of the Communist Party of China, and served successively as vice minister of the Ministry of Light Industry after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. She died of illness in Beijing in 1987.