Yongzhou city has promoted the activity of “welcoming fellow villagers, returning home and creating sanxiang”

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Rednet moment On January 26 news (correspondent Cheng Zheng Zhang Guifen) recently, Yongzhou city “welcome fellow villagers, return home, create three Xiang” activities fully kicked off.The municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security made a promotional video with the theme of “Coming back in spring, going home for love” to encourage people to return to their hometown for employment and entrepreneurship, which aroused wide resonance in the society.Policy publicity teams and volunteer service teams of various counties (cities) and districts are active at railway stations, bus stations, job fairs and farmers’ markets, enthusiastically offering “employment and entrepreneurship policy blessing packages” to people returning from other places.Some towns and townships (subdistricts) have organized forums for local elites and migrant workers who have returned to Yongyong.”Welcome fellow villagers, return home, create Sanxiang” activity demand collection activity is launched through the online platform “Yongzhou smart employment” and offline “one to one” promotion.In response to the call of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Hunan Province to carry out the activity of “welcoming fellow villagers, returning home and creating Sanxiang”, Yongzhou city specially printed and distributed the implementation plan of the activity, focusing on the golden period when all kinds of personnel go back to Visit relatives in Yongzhou during the Spring Festival, and making full use of platform resources such as various functional departments, chambers of commerce and associations of township sages.Through carrying out policy publicity, investigation and statistics, sincere communication, policy implementation, entrepreneurship services, improve the mechanism and other aspects of the “six one” activities, to the maximum extent to attract and attract talents to come back to yongyong business.Policy publicity has reached the public.We will continue to carry out a round of publicity on the policy of returning to hometown for employment and entrepreneurship by compiling and printing policy compilation, making short videos, releasing policy tweets, promoting TV and radio programs, and rolling publicity in wechat groups, so that the main forces of returning to hometown for entrepreneurship, such as talented people, returning migrant workers, and college graduates, know about the policy, see the prospect, and inspire enthusiasm.Research your needs.Condensed together, each related department to speed up the MoPai in yongzhou business venture outside the province, were the basic situation and back to ever, the information such as entrepreneurship, project investment intention, and with the aid of established “will follow villager” channels, such as comprehensive MoPai follow villager homo habilis, returning migrant workers and college graduates, to back to the entrepreneurial business needs of the various types of talents,Establish a pool of returning talents.Sincere talk leads to intention.Organized and held a number of meetings, project matchmaking meetings and symposiums to attract talents by publicizing local preferential policies, telling hometown development stories, listing successful cases of Huiyong entrepreneurship and organizing visits to the park construction.The number of yongzhou nationality talent concentrated in the region, timely arrangement of teams to promote or negotiate.For those who cannot return to their hometown temporarily, we will keep talking and communicating with them through cloud conference and telephone.We will implement policies to provide strong support.We will actively implement preferential policies on land use, finance, taxation, and employment for business startups, and encourage them to settle down as soon as possible.Priority shall be given to the examination and approval of land for entrepreneurship, such as land for parks, agricultural land and contracted forest land, according to regulations;Support policies will be implemented in accordance with regulations, including tax and fee reductions, social security fee reductions, one-time subsidies for starting businesses, social security subsidies, refunding of stable employment, and rewards and subsidies.The combination model of “policy loan + commercial loan” has been implemented to increase the issuance of small start-up guaranteed loans.Fully organize the recruitment of personnel, and strive to transport a number of high-quality employees for returning business entities in the shortest time.Optimize service efficiency.For those who are going back to Yongyong to start their own businesses in groups, we will run the “start-up Through train” to provide warm shuttle service.We will relax industry access and investment areas, and support Hui Yong talents to innovate and start businesses in various industries.We will sort out and standardize administrative examination and approval items and charging items related to huiyong entrepreneurship, and resolutely cancel regulations and requirements that hinder Huiyong entrepreneurship.For those who need to deal with tax-related matters, hui Yong entrepreneurs will open up a “green channel”.Huiyong entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurship training, project development, opening guidance, financing services, tracking support and other supporting services.Improve measures to protect the long-term.Yongzhou city will also, according to all kinds of opinions and suggestions solicited in the early activities, as well as the performance of the responsibilities of all departments, strengthen work research, improve the relevant policies and support measures for hui Yong entrepreneurs in an all-round way, to ensure the long-term success of the activities.Track the development of entrepreneurs back to Yongyong in the whole process, and work with relevant departments to solve problems for them in a timely manner, to help enterprises grow, industry prosperity, stable and long-term business.