Is your significant other constantly not answering your messages

2022-05-02 0 By

Your husband is not often like this, do not answer the phone, do not return messages, nothing but also like to play disappear, that only need one move, can deal with him.First of all, we should be clear, there is a law in the feelings: the first love of the people do not love, after tempted people do not give up.So you will find that obviously it is the man who first to provoke you, to the end or he first become cold, he used to answer the phone seconds, information seconds back, now become less back or even no return;In the past, he took good care of you, and then he treated you coldly, blaming you for being unreasonable.You can’t handle the difference. You feel angry and upset, so you send him long texts and phone calls. But you never wake up a fake, and he still won’t talk to you.So what do we have to do to change this guy?It’s simple. You stop trying to change him and focus on yourself.Don’t text or call him too often. It makes you look humble and it’s rude to keep knocking on doors you can’t open.You should consciously control yourself, reduce the expectation of him, he always ignore you, you treat him as sick, when he is in hospital, so think, he does not reply to your message and what is important?You are originally a carefree girl, fall in love, get married, become grievance and worry about personal gains and losses, instead of fighting wits with men, it is better to focus on yourself.People are holding high and trample low, only you become excellent, what you want will take the initiative to find you.Serious life, efforts to make money, tidy up their own beautiful, warm and cheerful everyday life, the original ignore your man will naturally have a sense of crisis.You don’t need to set a routine for him, he will imagine a big drama, worried that you fall in love with someone else, you don’t find him he will find you, you don’t love him, he will find you attractive.Human nature so far, not more love, too easy to ignore, you learn this move?