A shares: see wash dish again, the situation is not simple, Friday, market prospects!

2022-05-02 0 By

On Thursday, due to the deepening of the divergence of funds, Shanghai index to maintain short-term consolidation, gem began to accelerate the bottom, so that the three major indexes are still in the consumption of short energy.Gratified is that there is no consistent expectations, the stock and stock index has opened the market differentiation, indicating that the current balance of empty energy, can rise on Friday?Intra-day observation, tourism and scenic spots up 3.55%, agricultural products processing up 1.53%, hotels and restaurants up 2.46%, insurance up 1.63%, railway infrastructure transportation up 1.8%, 22 of 56 industries up.Tesla fell 4%, new energy vehicles 3.63%, home appliances 2.25%, liquor 1.56% and communication equipment 1.77%. The investment sector fell broadly.A shares: wash market, or brewing down?Friday, market outlook!At present, although the stock market did not continue to rise, the market has turned from cautious to radical, at any time to open the upward expansion of the time to return to rise.Although the performance of the three major stock indexes is different, the plate and the stock still maintain active, it can be understood that today is a wash market, not brewing a big drop, wash on Thursday after Friday there is hope to continue to consolidate the bottom.The dow Jones industrial average rose more than 300 points yesterday, the nasdaq rose 2.08 percent, and the ftse 100 and the STOXX50 rose more than 1 percent, as dovish comments from two major European central banks spurred stock markets.Outside the stock market is now out of risk, A shares are likely to accelerate the end of the decline.MSCI added 10 a-share stocks to the list and removed four. The restructuring will take effect after the close of trading on February 28, 2022.This time, the new targets mainly involve technology and energy stocks, which means that there is no change in the trend of foreign capital allocation of A-shares.In January, the average share of fund establishment hit a new low in nearly 23 months. The 148 funds established issued a total share of 118.820 billion yuan. The total amount of fundraising in a single month plunged by less than 60% from the previous month, and the size of the establishment of a single fund dropped by 35.2% significantly.Fund issuance is not ideal in January dismal market, but there are 100 new funds to be issued in the next month, the stock market is currently at the bottom of the stage consolidation, can be sure that the fundraising will rise behind, more capital convergence has the hope to let the spring main rise set sail.Lithium one elder brother “ning Wang” heavy hammer hit, the stock price fell more than 7%, after the 500 yuan integer pass, gem affected by this drop more than 2%.”King of Ning” affect the new energy concept shares generally fell market value shrinkage, although “King of Ning” performance is not poor, capital contention differences caused by the decline and bad news upgrade, gem short-term hit stretched the bottom of the time.To sum up, I think, and see wash dish, today’s decline is not simple, a plate of bad mood to amplify the vent.But The Shanghai stock index steady decline, the current risk reunion in the GEM, no major bearish situation again continued to kill limited, on Friday, the three major stock indexes are expected to continue to consolidate the bottom.Thanks for lighting up the pinkie below!