What are the challenges of starting a business?

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Data show that the self-employed industrial and commercial households employed 276 million people!This is a very large group, and there are three development trends in this group this year: 1. Individual businesses in physical stores start to become involved, and move online, flooding into “we media” and livestream e-commerce. 2022 will be the year of “We media” e-commerce for all.2, the increase in the number of new individual entrepreneurs shows that flexible employment and flexible entrepreneurship are increasing. The simple understanding is that fixed and stable jobs have become scarce opportunities!3, mass entrepreneurship from the early financing to become bigger and stronger, and now the new individual entrepreneurship to make small money, cash flow, we pursue the direction and means of short-term profit!Now is really to spell deposit depth, spell thinking, spell value, spell endurance, spell endurance stage, this is our ordinary people simple understanding more money more stable, more money more urgent!The more money the money is easy to earn money, the more money the heart is anxious to earn less than money!Idle fish out of stock is a good opportunity to overtake on curves in 2022!If you want to do a side business or start a business in your spare time, please know more about second-hand e-commerce, around and idle fish!The good or bad of any project is not the project itself but the fact that the people who run it know how to run it well is more important and valuable than finding the right project.I can’t provide any project, but I can share with bao Ma a set of how to operate wechat business scheme to teach you how to operate ideas, find their own products to test what kind of person they want to be first, pay attention to what kind of person!Who want to earn money, who will go to study, to copy his practice before doing any product to collect all the information in the industry, research, replication, and optimization of testing to make sure you know what do project, and then collect all the information related to the next according to the following four ideas: the first step, must start from the customer, from the pain and requirements of customers.As an entrepreneur, one of the basic skills you need to do is to find 10 QQ groups or forums or post bars or wechat groups where your customers gather, join them, and spend half an hour every day focusing on their chat records and posts to extract the pain and needs feedback from them.Very few people do it, but when you do it, you immediately outperform 80% or more of your competitors. Very few people do it for longer than three months, and you immediately outperform 95% or more of your competitors.Your product, your propaganda language, what kind of promotion you use, how to write your copy, these many people have a headache, for you are no longer a problem, because you are standing on the shoulders of giants to fly, and not like others as blind.The second step is to provide solutions. At this time, the following three questions need to be considered: 1) What kind of solutions should be provided, including what products and services?2) What makes my product or service different from my competitors?Why would a client choose me over someone else?3) How should the product be laid out?How to coordinate low-end, mid-end and high-end?Which of these are free and which are paid?With what products to clinch a deal with customers, with what products to obtain high profits, with what products occupy the market?Third, test the promotion model.That is, how your product sells to customers.Different enterprises, different products, with different functional attributes, for different customers, the use of promotion mode, is certainly different, the key is two words: suitable.Others with good methods, set to you, is likely to acclimate, so you have to do, is according to your customers buying habits and buying path, design suitable promotion mode, this is what you must do.Do not blindly think that promotion is to burn money, promotion is bidding, promotion is TV advertising, promotion is mass hair, promotion is flicker, correct promotion, is to find your target customers gather place, your products properly presented to them.The core of promotion is trust, trust is the cornerstone of a deal, no trust, no deal.And it happened that we are in a serious lack of social trust, trust set up cost is too high, which caused as a result, a lot of people, many enterprises, directly across the link of trust, clinch a deal quickly, by means of some special and the consequence is caused by the enterprise reputation failure, the project soon failed, cannot maintain capital chain, companies large number of dead.In this case, we should pay more attention to the establishment of trust.Although it is difficult at the beginning, as long as you stick to it and cross the threshold, it will be easier and smoother.The promotion model is divided into four steps: the first step is to collect information, the second step is to build trust, the third step is to close a deal quickly, the fourth step is to achieve lifetime value, and the fourth step is to become what you care about.As a woman, if you pay attention to daily necessities, you are a good wife and mother, and you pay attention to the news every day, you will become a typical social commentary expert.If you pay attention to all kinds of business information every day, you will become a businessman.