Montici was the key behind the rockets’ 12-point comeback, two fatal turnovers and a man down

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The rockets lost 121-124 to the SUNS on Feb. 17.Rockets up by 12, 65-53, with 2:50 left in the second quarter;Even with a 77-67 lead at 7:30 of the third quarter and a 2-t ejection for Chris Paul, the team had a chance to win, but it was turned around, two fatal turnovers and a man down, and Monty Williams was the key.Green scored 17 points and Schroder 23 as the rockets were outscored by the SUNS.From the strength level, the Rockets are far inferior to the SUNS, but, the latter is back-to-back games, and mentality is slightly inferior to the enemy, reflected in the game, two typical pictures:Tait grabbed the offensive rebound and booker fouled the rockets for two free throws. Green missed the middle distance of the free throw line. However, Tait rushed to grab the offensive rebound under the basket, booker’s left shoulder shot against Tait, and the latter got two free throws.Throughout the first half of the game, the rockets outrebounded the SUNS 34-22 by 12 points, with the rockets leading the SUNS 9-3 on offensive rebounds, forming the impact of the rockets 13-2 on second offense, which is one of the main factors in the formation of the deficit.The SUNS are one of the league’s top defensive teams, but the first half of the game looked like this, with Bridges, Crowder and Booker watching Tate make an easy layup as the Rockets cut into the ghost zone on three possessions.The Rockets, led by 16 points from Tate, 12 from Green and 10 from Gordon, built a 12-point 65-53 lead in the third quarter after Chris Paul was ejected for two technical fouls.Paul was ejected.Easy edge to fight again, Paul led the sun a kickback, can play to nine minutes and 15 seconds to 65-71, when Paul straight ai immediately by Tate hit your right thumb injury, Paul not only impact the referee after the referee didn’t blow a foul roar, and as shown in figure, his left shoulder hit the referee, the referee thought he had a provocation, so for two technical fouls put Paul directly expelled.Shoulder, Paul referee Paul, instant end before 11 points and six assists, 2 steals, he is the soul of the sun really, after the expulsion, seize the opportunity to rocket schroeder, single section 5 4 only 12 points, shen jing 4 3 also has eight points and 4 rebounds, the rockets in the third quarter home-country crowd still lead to 95-89, details of the game and they are instantly come back by the sun, the key point?Monty’s odd matrix.Monty’s odd matrix.Rocket was flawed, one of the key factors, they with the young and dynamic, in the form of TouQiang and countering against the “back-to-back” battle of the sun, and three quarters of home-country crowd 9 grain of three points, so the monty Williams in details directly on the changes, he took off, and Claude two starting big-man combination,Johnson, Craig, Holiday, Bridges and Booker minicamp, effect?1. With five small linups capable of endless changeovers, the SUNS defended the Rockets 0 for 9 from 3-point range in four minutes, putting a stop to the rockets’ strongest offensive edge.Johnson layup 2. Same place five small, the sun can be accelerated, and five small impact rebound doesn’t hurt, so, the SUNS late rebound completely reverse the situation of massive counterattack: jrue holiday layup, booker two free throws, and three points Craig, jrue holiday Bridges counterattack layup after three points, the sun a wave of crazy 12-0 to finish ahead 101-95.Four, two fatal turnovers and a man down.Sellars finally responded by sending Shin Jing to control the SUNS ‘small lineup, and the effect was quite ideal, but the team’s two fatal turnovers and Gordon’s slump made the rockets ultimately fall short.The Rockets held on to pull within 114-116, and when they were ready to make a comeback, notice that the rockets, which had been faultless all last quarter, suddenly made two fatal turnovers, one of which, as shown in the picture, Tate caught the ball and went out of bounds.The other was a Gordon drive that was cut straight by Johnson, and two fatal turnovers prevented the team from closing in.On the other hand, Gordon had a bad day, although 20 points looked good, but note that he was 8-for-24 from the field and 3-for-14 from 3-point range, especially when he led the SUNS on a 12-0 run early in the fourth quarter.Two fatal turnovers, Gordon’s slump, and Monty’s bold use of five small teams in the last quarter were the result of a combination of three factors, especially the SUNS ‘five small teams.