Hand in hand, brothers!Brother Hirano step dream surprise world jump, realize dream winter Olympics snowboard gold medal

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Hirano Walking dream.On February 11, In Zhangjiakou, Hirano scored 96 points in his last jump to win the gold medal in men’s halfpipe snowboarding, beating Australia’s Scotty James.In the final, four Japanese competitors — Yuka Hirano, Yutou Tozuka, Buemi Hirano and Kaishu Hirano — qualified together.What is more interesting is that although they are both named Hirano, only Hirano Momo and Hirano Kaishu are brothers, and Hirano Yuka is actually an outsider.Although haizhu, the younger brother, has not been able to reach his brother’s level of achievement, the two brothers have been supporting each other in the challenge of snowboarding.Hirobumi Hirano is a Young Japanese ski genius.The hirano brothers, from Niigata prefecture, come from a skiing family.Their father, Eikatsu Hirano, runs a ski resort, and Mengbu and Hai Zhu have an older brother, Eiki, who is also a skier.Meng Bu and Hai Zhu have been influenced by their fathers and brothers since they were very young.Meng Bu is the most talented of the three. He signed a sponsorship contract with Burton, a famous SKI equipment manufacturer, when he was in grade 4, and won the Us Junior Open in 2011 and 2012.In March 2011, at the age of 12, She made her international debut as a professional and finished 13th, already a star of the future.In April 2013, hirano won a silver medal in his first X GAME at the age of 14. But it was the 2014 World Cup that really made hirano famous.He won the World Cup at the start of his first competition as a junior high school student and became famous in the sports world.With such solid results, Hirano competed in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.But nature makes it difficult for such an elite athlete — Hirano was injured before Sochi, so he didn’t have any systematic training before the games and almost came into the Olympics as a blank.But genius is genius, and Hirano came through the heats in second place, scoring 90.75 in the first round and 93.50 in the second round, setting a personal record, to take the silver medal.With the silver medal, he became the youngest Japanese athlete to win a medal at the Winter Olympics at the age of 15.Momo Hirano and the legendary Shaun White.Seriously injured, breaking the limit and becoming famous at a young age, it is hard to feel the pressure on Hirano except for his aura.In 2017, when he was competing in the United States, he suddenly lost his balance in mid-air and knocked his body on the edge of the halfpipe. Although he was conscious at that time and wanted to continue the competition, he decided to give up and went to the hospital for treatment after being persuaded by people around him.After examination, doctors told him that surgery was not required, but that the collision had ruptured his liver and damaged the medial collateral ligament of his left knee.The injury would have taken at least three months to heal, and if he had tilted just 1cm more, he could have lost his life.It was March 2017, not exactly a stretch to prepare for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.The young Hirano experienced the biggest setback of his life, the accident in the competition left him shaken, for a time in fear of the halfpipe.This kind of fear, for people involved in extreme sports, is undoubtedly devastating to the sports career.Before that, he was caught up in an underage drinking scandal.”What on earth am I supposed to do when I can’t move?I suddenly had twice as much time to think about it as other people, and then I felt like I had to accept that it was good to be hurt.”After the event, the dream step so lightly told his state of mind during the injury.The ability to adjust the state of mind is also a quality that excellent athletes need to have.Two months after his injury, he returned to the ski slopes in his hometown of Niigata.In the process of recovery, Hirano Step dream again and again through the video to observe their mistakes at that time, and his goal is to sum up the experience, after the comeback to come out more than the previous level.In September of that year, Hirano made a comeback at the World Cup, where he had made history, and finished second.And so, with boundless hope, Hirano arrived in Pyeongchang 2018.In the halfpipe final on Valentine’s Day, Hirano performed 1,260 + 1,440 in a row.In the third round, Hirano had planned to go even higher, but failed to land and failed to improve his score of 95.25. He lost by 2.5 points to Shaun White, the second consecutive Olympic runner-up.Hirano was expected to be depressed after the match, but he remained optimistic. “I have regrets, but I have done my best,” he said.In Japan, there is a phrase called “two knives flow”, which is more used to describe baseball players who play double, such as the current super popular Shohei Otani.After the Pyeongchang Olympics, Hirano decided he wanted to be a skateboarder himself — he wanted to do it in Tokyo.One winter sport, one summer sport, snowboarding and skateboarding may look very similar, but they are fundamentally different.’I’m starting from scratch,’ Mr. Hirano told reporters after his decision.In the process of “starting from scratch”, dreamstep encountered great difficulties.During the epidemic, Meng Went to Switzerland for special training alone. “To tell you the truth, it’s actually quite difficult. You have to switch back and forth from head to toe when you have two projects.”In April 2021, He made his debut at the All-Japan Snowboarding Championships and finished second. A month later, he went to the United States to compete in a qualifying competition and made it through.Perhaps because the preparation time was severely compressed due to the impact of the epidemic, the performance of dream Walking in the local Olympic Games was very mediocre, and the skateboarding event did not pass the preliminary competition.But he doesn’t regret his choice.”When I decided to challenge myself three years ago, I never thought I would be able to stand on this stage.But it’s a dream come true and just being able to enjoy it on the big stage is the most enjoyable thing in itself.”Brother Hirano Kaizhu.Hai Zhu: My brother is the person I respect the most. Meng Bu’s energy greatly influenced Hai Zhu.For the youngest in the family, it was his brother, Mengbu, who supported him in the sport of snowboarding.”I respect my brother with all my heart.”Hai zhu was inspired to take up skiing by watching his brother win a silver medal in Sochi, but he admits that he doesn’t feel any more pressure just because his brother is a talented athlete.Hirano’s silver medal in snowboarding at the 2020 Lausanne Youth Olympics gave him confidence that he could follow his brother’s lead in the winter Olympics.In his mind, the two brothers together on the podium, better.At the next Winter Olympics, he won’t just finish ninth.(Supine/Zhang Yangyuan) The first paper news report