The woman is not his wife’s responsibility, persuade not to go home for three years, now suffering from cancer, but let her husband be responsible for

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Some people say that husband and wife like a pair of chopsticks, between them who can not leave who, in order to live, never abandon.There is a chopsticks do not want to cooperate, can not clip food, a pair of chopsticks will be spurned.In the same way, when one partner refuses to take responsibility and let it go, it destroys a family.In the family, a stable marriage is jointly maintained by both husband and wife, and everyone has the responsibility and obligation to contribute to the family.Couples should be honest with each other and have the courage to take responsibility, one for one, one for one, so that the marriage will be stronger.Even in the face of ups and downs, the couple will go forward in all weathers with the spirit of sharing weal and woe.One story, however, went in the opposite direction and suffered.A woman abandoned her husband and son to leave home for three years, now suffering from cancer, but her husband is responsible, the result was rejected by her husband’s family, regret.A Yan (pseudonym), 31, has been married for six years and has a lovely child.Husband a feng runs a boat outside, because the job is special, go out every time, want to stay outside 10 months ability to come back.One day just three years ago, a Feng came back from vacation. He was very enthusiastic and excited to see his wife, A Yan.However, unexpectedly, he offered his wife a hug, but she refused on the spot.That night, the two did not stay together. A Yan slept in her study for the whole night and returned to her mother’s home the next day.Ah Yan stayed with her parents for three years and never returned home.During the three years when A Yan was away from home, her husband’s family would call on her to persuade her to return home during festivals.However, the family said that the man did not take the initiative and was not sincere, so A Yan said she did not want to go back.Things dragged on for three years.After a woman had not been home for three years and contracted cancer, she asked her husband to take charge of the reconciliation of her husband’s family.However, this time, but not normal, the woman took the initiative to contact her father-in-law, took out a stomach exam, said to see a doctor.To show his sincerity, his father-in-law took 10,000 yuan for his daughter-in-law to let her feel at ease to see a doctor.Soon after, the woman’s condition took a turn for the worse and tests showed terminal cancer.So her parents informed her husband’s family of her cancer, but they quietly cut off contact with her.In this regard, A Yan’s brother said that his sister a Yan is not divorced, as her husband a Feng, is obliged to bear all the medical expenses for a Yan.Some things, hiding is hiding, after all, have to face.Her family brought several people to her husband’s house and forced the man to take 50,000 yuan as her medical expenses.They had been away from home for three years and had not been home once. A Yan and a Feng had the name of husband and wife, but not the reality.”My daughter-in-law didn’t come home for three years. I took 10,000 yuan for her, but I didn’t thank her or call her father on wechat,” said Liu Dacheng, A Yan’s father-in-law.Liu eldest brother said, A Yan in the early and middle stage of the disease, he did not know, if he had known, will certainly take full responsibility.When it came to terminal cancer, I told myself that I had made a mess of myself, and I couldn’t accept it.Again, he said the medical bills should not be paid by the family.The husband’s family and the mother’s family, each other, difficult to reach a compromise.The wife suddenly left home for three years after she had her own child and fell ill, but her husband was responsible for it. The mediator said that it would be perverse and difficult for her husband’s family to take full responsibility.After the mediator’s mediation, Liu said he was willing to pay half of the medical expenses, and his family would pay the rest.After discussion, the bride’s parents do not agree to pay.After the mediator mediated again, the two sides reached an agreement that each side would pay half of the medical expenses, and the man would have to provide accommodation if he could not be treated in a hospital.The grass will whisper: in the story, the root cause of the event is the departure of his wife Yan.Why did Yan leave so suddenly?Why didn’t Yan go back to her mother’s house?We don’t know why, as the parties have not come forward to explain.But it is an indisputable fact that A Yan left home.Legally, the husband is solely responsible for the duration of the marriage.But beyond the law, there’s reason, there’s morality, there’s a lot of emotional stuff.There is a cause, there is an effect, there is a cause, there will be a fruit.The practice of the husband’s family also gives affirmation, he is willing to assume the corresponding responsibility, expressed respect to the wife.For A Yan to be away from home for three years, no matter what the purpose, as a wife, shirking responsibility, is an act of selfishness, and selfishness comes with a price.Selfishness is inevitable, but there is a limit to everything. Too much of a good thing is bad.Selfish, can not violate the principle, otherwise, not only will hurt others, also hurt yourself.Out of the family, will eventually return to the family.Rather than blindly capricious once, it is better to be down-to-earth, cherish, take every step at the foot of the road.