Sichuan Mianyang Nanshan Middle school held a senior three “two diagnosis” commendation conference

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On January 23, sichuan Mianyang Nanshan Middle School senior three mianyang “two diagnosis” commendation meeting was held in the school’s senior three campus, Nanshan Middle school Party secretary, principal Xu Yong attended and spoke.The school leaders presented prizes to the students who achieved excellent results in the “second diagnosis” examination.The senior three students of Nanshan High School are full of strong feelings and strong feelings. They have committed themselves to their dreams and have become more and more committed to their dreams. Their pace towards their dreams is becoming more and more sonorous and their attitude to create the future is becoming more and more confident.Principal Xu Yong: “Life needs respect, respect comes from struggle.The respect we need is not cheap praise based on achievements, nor one-sided ignorant behavior, but based on their own efforts, struggle and sincere recognition from others after hard work.Life needs valuable youth, youth can be their name.Nanshan youth can not lie flat, not the Buddha, the biggest regret of youth is simply to spend the youth years as a white-haired old man and mediocre weak time, nanshan youth should have upward to the value of good pursuit, to use the youth for their own name.Life needs a clear cognition, cognition of the concrete self.Students to look at themselves, know themselves, look at their own situation, their own state, their strengths, their shortcomings, develop their strengths, strong self.Life needs to think dialectically about how to choose their own.Different stages of life will face different conflicts, need to deal with different problems, need to deal with different situations, in each stage to grasp the main conflict, temporarily put aside the secondary conflict, focus on the main problem.Life requires the pursuit of excellence. Excellence comes from seizing the moment.To accumulate internal strength, cherish the opportunity to read, grasp the struggle time, ride the wind and waves, momentum upward, to always maintain the ‘eagle strike the sky, fish hang shallow’ free upward state, the pursuit of excellence, become excellence, lead excellence, create excellence.”Buyao Song: “We are often told that performance improvement needs hard work, but we may ignore that hard work is actually a process of quantitative change, which requires long-term persistence and continuous accumulation to produce qualitative change. We often lack the patience to continue to strive to wait for the arrival of qualitative change.When we are helpless because of short efforts, we might as well look back, maybe the distance between us and the goal, not the degree of effort, but the time to adhere to.””We learn and progress together in nanshan big family. Dedicated teachers and excellent students are our most helpful partners on the road to success.In the last 100 days, we only need to be down-to-earth, diligent, and do a good job of accumulation, reflection, sorting out and correcting mistakes, so that we can make brilliant plans and win a victory thousands of miles away.”Li Lin: “I always like the saying, ‘What I cannot create, I cannot understand.’For us, it means that what is learned can be fully taught to those who have never learned it, and can be thoroughly understood by them. This is true learning.”Charles Dickens said that a sound mind is more powerful than a hundred kinds of wisdom.Emerson said, a goal toward their own people forever, the whole world to give way to him.Buddhism says, things follow the heart, the environment created by the heart, troubles are born by the heart.Students, let us pack up the mood, continue to advance, the sword refers to the college entrance examination, straight up qingyun, all good, all for you.”Fang Hongjie: “Since I transferred to Mianyang in the second year of junior high school, I missed the geography and biology high school entrance examination.At the end of the night, my classmates went to dinner for graduation, but I still stayed in the dormitory, reviewing geography and biology, to meet the make-up exam the next day.The dormitory was so quiet and I was alone, but I didn’t feel lonely. Instead, I had a sense of fulfillment that I was going to the future.”Cut the jade to Witness the bidirectional light to science and technology Listen to the ocean we chorus Xu li for a dream we each other deeply To assign can I come to you and to your ideal is the sea in the future is a sea stars are these stars we go to the future We pursue the ideal we sailed Our strength and we we in creating new brilliance in nanshan