See “the world” : understand “sticky bag”, just understand the mutual redemption of grassroots husband and wife Zheng Juan zhou Bingkun

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Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun quarreled.Zheng Juan hugged the quilt to the outhouse, two people sleep in separate rooms.It doesn’t make them the happiest couple in the world.They are not the best, but they are the best for each other.They help each other in love, and they become better in their marriage.01 Zheng Juan: an ill-fated girl Zheng Juan life is not good, but every time in the crisis when the occasion arises, the girl always has a kind of ability to change life.Live a good day that is not skill, just inertia;Making a bad day go well is the skill that requires diligence, persistence, and perseverance.Zheng Juan was abandoned by her parents after she was born, but she met a kind-hearted mother.Affected by zheng mother kind-hearted character, Zheng Juan also grow into a kind-hearted girl.In addition, Zheng Juan also inherited the beauty of her biological parents.Beauty brings original sin, and a kind, beautiful girl without edge can sometimes bring additional disaster to her life.So is Zheng Juan.Once for the mother to sell ice lolly Liu was bullied by bad boys, tu Zhiqiang saved, later became his fiancee.Zheng Juan thought, Tu Zhiqiang is not bad, loyalty, urban hukou, or wood processing factory workers, a month has 21 dollars of wages, marry him not loss.But not long, Tu Zhiqiang and his buddies water artesian, Luo Shibin drink together, three people are drunk, Tu Zhiqiang and water artesian roll to the side.Zheng Juan became the victim of Luo Shibin, was strong, pregnant.Later, Tu Zhiqiang was executed for murder, zheng Juan how to do?This is a serious problem in front of Zheng Juan.Zheng Juan once again, she met Zhou Bingkun, this honest and kind but a man of justice.Meet for the first time, Zheng Juan from his back to see some strength of this man.But think of their own experience, think of the belly of the child, Zheng Juan hit the bottom of my heart feel not worthy of Zhou Bingkun.So she hated — she hated her own life.She was angry at her mother and Choo.Before knowing Zhou Bingkun, Zheng Juan is carrying original sin, her identity is a young widow, there is still an unborn child in her stomach.Even so, she takes life seriously.Zheng Juan has a knack for turning a bad day into a good one.As long as a person has such skill, then his life will not be bad.Zheng Juan’s later life proved this to us.Zhou Bingkun to send money again, Zheng Juan acquiesced.One is that life is really difficult, only rely on mother to buy ice lolly is not go down, two is, Zheng Juan liked the taciturn Zhou Bingkun.Seeing him every month made her feel very secure.Days passed, see Zheng Juan into the hospital to have a baby, she brought words to water artesian and Luo Shibin, she just want to see Zhou Bingkun.In the original work, shui Artesian is the eldest uncle, Luo Shibin is the second uncle, and Zhou Bingkun is the husband.Water flow said, Zheng Juan’s life is too bitter, the second husband must be a good man.After the month, Zhou Bingkun came to see Zheng Juan and children.Zheng Juan bravely confessed to Zhou Bingkun, she wanted to repay him with her own body!But Zheng Juan is not a casual girl, she is not.More than a year has passed since she first met Chow.It can be said that she has inspected Zhou Bingkun for a year.Zheng Juan is sure that Zhou Bingkun is a reliable man.That’s why she acted the way she did.So, she carefully planned their first time together after her confinement.They both wept, and fell into each other’s arms and rolled onto the kang.After the event, Zheng Juan said such a sentence, we are familiar with.You don’t have to worry. I’m not gonna stick to you.If you miss me, just send a note to my mother saying that you will come and I will wait for you at home with all my heart.I just want to repay you.If you are in a relationship, then you should never come back.If you are married, then you must forget me.Let’s have a deal…What a nice thing to say.Zheng Juan is a simple woman.Intent on repaying her benefactor, she had nothing but her own body.Remember to read an article that Zheng Juan knows three when three really terrible.Zheng Juan is not a mistress.At this time, zhou Bingkun of Li Li is single, and Zheng Juan emphasized that if Zhou Bingkun has an object, don’t come, if married, then forget her.So zheng Juan is morally blameless.The so-called unmarried men and women are not married, we are all free and gay.Premarital sex is acceptable.Then Zheng Juan came to bingkun’s home.Two people have a second time, not only experience the physical happiness, but also the beautiful feelings of the heart.At this time of Zheng Juan choose the past of oneself the whole story: he and his brother are picked up, the child is not Tu Zhiqiang, is Luo Shibin…Zheng Juan said: my mother always taught me that those who are kind to themselves must be sincere to others.I can only treat you to such a degree, but I am sincere, really, not casually with you to play with feelings.In fact, in reality, we often see examples of men and women cheating on each other before they get married, which can lead to endless problems in the marriage, and sometimes even destroy the trust between them.Zheng Juan is indeed a special girl, she chose to confess, do not deceive, do not deceive, directly face.Zheng Juan is not a gilded fake baby, she really has a heart of gold.After Feng Huacheng and Zhou Rong were isolated because of their poetry, many people, including their neighbors, said they would stay away.This time Zheng Juan to come forward, carrying the child, holding his younger brother, into the zhou Zhou home, with the thin body of a weak woman, bear the life of zhou Bingkun.Zheng gives Zhou’s mother massage and feeding every day, takes care of Yue Yue and cleans up housework.Zhou Bingkun came back, found that Zheng Juan white slender hand has swollen deformation.Zhou Zhigang came back, also personally confirmed this point.Zhou bingkun and Zheng Juan were finally agreed to marry.Some said that as a small unmarried widow, Zheng Juan was nowhere good enough for Zhou Bingkun, who came from a working-class family.Zheng Juan is reflected here on a kind of super ability.No, she wasn’t smart, and life wasn’t good, she wasn’t abandoned by life, she got pregnant when she was young and her fiance died.School also only up to junior high school, not much knowledge.But Zheng Juanan refused to accept his orders.She was content with her lot, but never discouraged despair.She has an ability to make the best of a bad day, and that’s what she does every day.Do not complain, do not shout tired, honest day by day to go on.The road in front of you, the dream in your heart, just move on.Rousseau said that to do one’s duty consistently and unremittingly requires no less perseverance than to complete the heroic work.Zhou Bingkun is an old pimple in the Zhou family, there are excellent brother Zhou Bingyi, and both excellent and beautiful sister Zhou Rong.The original story is: Zhou Bingkun’s sister Zhou Rong used to be a senior 3 student.No. 3 middle school and No. 1 Middle school are key middle schools in A city. Zhou Rong and Zhou Bingyi used to be good students with excellent character and learning, and both have literary and artistic cells.Zhou bingyi played the erhu well and was a campus poet who had published several poems before the Cultural Revolution.Zhou Rong has A good voice and is A great beauty. She attended the concert held by A city as A student singer.In the eyes of his elder brother and sister, Zhou bingkun is a simple and stubborn man.In the “mountain to the countryside” era, Zhou Mother also do not trust Zhou Bingkun to the countryside, she said to Zhou Rong: your brother he is not as good as you and your brother, he was a child lack of discerning, also do not understand the world, single-minded, his mother is not assured ah!In this regard, Zhou Bingkun is full of grievances, he was not taken seriously by his family since childhood.He was not consulted about anything, and when he did express his wishes, they did not laugh at him.These treatment let Zhou Bingkun has been eager to be recognized, but also developed a psychological inferiority desire to identify.He loves to help friends, friends is their own thing, he is happy to stand out for friends, for friends, very righteous.He was eager and helpful to strangers.Zhou Bingkun met the sick Ma Shouchang at the door of the bath. He took off his cotton-padded jacket and wrapped it around his bare feet. Then he took him to the hospital wearing only single clothes.Zhou Bingkun accept water artesian and Luo Shibin please, every month to tu Zhiqiang small widow to send living expenses.He sets Up Cao Debao and Chunyan. He helps Sun Qiaobiao and Xiao Guoqing, finds jobs for them, takes care of their families, finds jobs for Guoqing sister and Qiaobiao sister, and treats his friends’ business as his own.This is the child who has been despised and ignored since childhood.He needed validation so badly.After her sister Zhou Rong secretly went to Guizhou to jump the queue, Zhou Bingkun took care of her mother at home without complaining.Zhou bingkun has done a lot for his family.Chinese New Year father Zhou Zhigang took the family out to pay a New Year’s visit, he showed off with people everywhere out of the home of two college students, did not mention the youngest son, which makes Zhou Bingkun feel very embarrassed.He paid for his family, we seem to have not seen, only to see that he failed to enter the university this thing.It was not until Zhou Bingkun met and fell in love with Zheng Juan that he found the feeling of being recognized and affirmed.Imagine a child who has been despised or even ignored by his family since childhood, suddenly known as a benefactor, this is a big affirmation ah.So it was almost fate that Zhou bingkun fell in love with Zheng Juan.In Zheng Juan here, Zhou Bingkun appears as a savior.In Zheng Juan here, Zhou Bingkun felt needed and affirmed.His good family background, his status as a worker, the risks he took to help her, made him realize how good it felt to be valued, even adored.But he knew his parents would never approve of his marriage to Zheng Juan.He tries parents to zheng Juan’s attitude with joking means, but of parents be frightened and change color let him understand this marriage is delusional simply.Later, the mother fell into a coma.He took time to go to Zheng Juan’s home, asked Zheng Juan to help.Mother happened such a thing, to say a bad word, Zhou Bingkun in the heart uncomfortable at the same time, there is a lucky psychology.Then zheng Juan lived in the zhou family, with a dark identity, for the Zhou family to do too much, far more than a nanny should do.That’s what made their marriage possible.A pair of beautiful hand deformation swelling, even Zhou Zhigang can not look down, loudly scold Zhou Bingkun, how dare you marry someone else?!After marriage, Chow worked hard and earned money to support his family.Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan carefully take care of Zhou Zhigang, Li Suhua, Zhou Rong’s children.Although Zhou Zhi gang is out to show off his home out of two college students, zhou Bingkun’s efforts to turn a blind eye, but Zhou Bingkun is still conscientious to do their own things.Do what you can do, do what you should do.It’s his responsibility.At first, facing his father’s contempt, Chow shouted back.Remember Zhou Zhigang said to Zhou Bingkun: let you take care of your mother and your sister’s girl, that is your father to find the steps for you, you ask, even without these things, let you go to the university, can you test?At that time, Zhou Bingkun was unbelievable and heartbroken: both parents were born and raised by parents, but I was hopeless…Later, and Zheng Juan live together long, Zhou Bingkun to parents of these eccentric can be calm.Why was Chow able to do this?Because Zhou bingkun drew strength from Zheng Juan.Although Zheng Juan does not know how many words, not how much insight, also can not say what heroic words.However, she has a kind of security like mother Earth.This sense of security, is the stability of the dust settled, is never abandon the belief.Zheng Juan young age after suffering, but she did not become resentful woman.On the contrary, in her life, no matter what difficulties she faced, she always maintained an optimistic and content, never complained, never gave up.For example, after zhou bingkun earned money, he spent 1,700 yuan to buy a big house. He did not live there for long, but the owner returned to China and ordered him to move out.In this regard, Zhou Bingkun is very uncomfortable, but Zheng Juan did not complain, in turn to comfort Zhou Bingkun said, when you do a beautiful dream.Zheng Juan has a kind of power, a constant dark matter.There is such a sentence in the novel: she is not like Wu Qian so narrow-minded, not like Yu Hong, not like Chunyan hypocritical, photonic piece of the neighborhood behind that she is a little two.Zhou bingkun said she was too simple and too trusting, as if she had never experienced suffering.Zheng Juan just looks simple, in fact, she wants to open than anyone, a person has a set of their own standards.Zheng Juan’s content changle on the one hand is the foster mother’s words and deeds, on the other hand is the female soft and plain survival philosophy.As a wife, she understood the difficulties of her husband’s struggle outside.As a mother, she taught her son a virtuous and upright outlook on life.More valuable is that her love is not limited to their own small family, more selfless irrigation zhou’s big family.Zhou Bingkun’s brother Zhou Bingyi made vice mayor to preside over shantytown reconstruction, hard to pull investment, built new real estate.But photon piece of the people because of the new property far three sites refused to move.Bingyi persuaded bingkun to take the lead in moving, to make a appearance of the photon piece.As a brother bingkun doubts, even quarrel with his brother.However, Zheng Juan but sincerely support Zhou Bingyi, persuaded Bingkun to move quickly.Such trust is certainly not due to her political consciousness, but completely out of the unconditional trust and love between relatives.Since being with Zheng Juan, Zhou has found that he is not only confident, but able to accept the reality of insecurity.Even when Chow bingkun was released from prison after 12 years, he didn’t panic.As long as Zheng Juan is there, home is there.Therefore, zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan’s love is the most real, the most temperature.In those days, Zhou Bingkun rescued Zheng Juan from the mire of despair, and Zheng Juan’s wife’s softness and mother’s warmth in turn warmed Zhou Bingkun, but also resolved The Times in the reform process of pain and hardship.Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun, a grassroots couple, are not a one-way relationship of redemption and being redeemed.They are a kind of “conjoined person”, and love makes them save each other.Xu Jinglei said, good love must be mutual cure, mutual redemption!This is true love.What do you think?Welcome to comment and discuss