Light ChengJu Professional counterparts | binzhou one volunteer service in action

2022-04-30 0 By

In March, we are still warm and cold, and the situation of COVID-19 prevention and control is becoming increasingly grim.In accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the higher authorities, the Party Committee of the university decided to close the campus from March 18 to protect the life, health and safety of teachers and students, and ensure the smooth development of the education and teaching of senior three.All teachers and students of grade three, members of the party committee of the school, and some logistics service staff immediately sorted out the necessary daily necessities and entered the school.At the same time, the school set up a volunteer service team composed of party members and backbone teachers. Xu Nan, the vice principal, was the leader of the team. MAO Zhonghua, the secretary of the Youth League committee, and Gao Jianqiang, the head of the security Section, were the deputy leaders.The service team is ready to help students, teachers and staff in the closed campus to solve practical difficulties.At the same time, the volunteer service team undertakes the vanguard work of party members and other work of epidemic prevention and control in Xinyuan community.Three feet platform, teaching, they are amiable and respectable people’s teachers;When the epidemic hit, they took the lead. They are volunteers who will not turn back.A party member is a flag, where there is need, there are party members.Pick up the chalk is a teacher, put on the “baymax” is a soldier!Many teachers gave up their rest time and took the initiative to join the volunteer team to assist xiangmin community in nucleic acid testing and epidemic prevention and control work in Xinyuan community without delaying lesson preparation, homework correction and online teaching.WORK DAY the most beautiful volunteer, warm the epidemic road, drop light, converge the epidemic river.From the “three-foot platform” of educating people to the frontline volunteer service against COVID-19, what has changed is my identity, but what remains unchanged is my responsibility and responsibility.Teachers love, shoulder a sense of responsibility, filled with mission in the heart, is willing to do the spring chaser, willing to be the contrarian in the epidemic, we have been on the road!(Contributed by Binzhou No. 1 Middle School)