Got it!The guide of the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony is our Girl from Xinjiang

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2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing at the opening ceremony of the Chinese delegation admission has attracted the audience’s boiling memorable and heave snow brand for the Chinese delegation usher girl is from the city of xinjiang kuqa diao month we han height 181 cm, she held up the “China” snow brand pace determined and lead the team forward gracefully before became the Chinese delegation with a bright blueStanding on the stage of the Winter Olympics is the pride of her life, Diao told reporters. She lives in Kuqa city, Xinjiang Province, and is studying fashion performance at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.She loves art very much since she was a child and has a good foundation in dance.After entering Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, I also worked part-time as a model.During the selection process for the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, she was always confident in herself.In late January, Diao, along with other guides, interviewed zhang Yimou, chief director of the opening ceremony.With a bright and confident attitude, she successfully passed the interview and was selected by Director Zhang Yimou as the official guide of the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony.Diao Yuehan’s dream of participating in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games has come true step by step, from signing up for the selection of the opening ceremony guide, passing the audition, training, and finally being selected as the guide of the Chinese delegation.To make this dream come true, Diao went through four months of hard training, twice a week, for four to eight hours each time, covering body shape, posture and physical fitness.She would stand for an hour or so with a sign and a smile on her face.She woke up every morning with arms and legs aching from the long hours of holding and standing signs.Although it was hard, Diao Yuehan said that this opportunity was precious and rare, so we should cherish it and seize it well.This is not only an honor, but also a responsibility.Diao Yuehan wishes China a good performance in the Winter Olympics!Pictures provided by myself Xinjiang Radio and TELEVISION Winter Olympics special correspondent: Hami Tiren Qi Chao correspondent Han Yulin editor: Di Li Xia Jiang first trial: Li Xue retrial: Lei Chunming final trial: Zhao Gang