Fish farming instructions;How to judge whether nitrifying bacteria are successfully established?

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Hello everyone, I am Yiyang who loves fish farming. Today, let’s talk about some things about nitrifying bacteria. There are still some new fish friends who do not understand nitrifying bacteria.How do nitrifying bacteria work?In fact this is also very good understanding, speak with vernacular is, nitrifying bacteria inside the tank of toxic nitrite is decomposed into nitrate, its working process is like this, in the process of fish, the fish will eliminate waste, waste through the decomposition of organic matter into ammonia (toxic), and then by nitrosation bacteria convert 亜 nitrate bacteria (poisonous),The nitrite bacteria are then converted by nitrifying bacteria (the live bacteria we added) to nitrates (which are negligible in toxicity) and then diluted by changing water so that there is no harm to fish.So how do we build nitrifying bacteria?When we just bought the fish tank, we would clean the fish tank first, then raise water, and remove the harmful substances in the fish tank during raising water, so as to prepare for the reproduction of nitrifying bacteria in the later stage.The common establishment, generally is our owners to add nitrifying bacteria (sleep bacteria), one is to promote the establishment of nitrifying bacteria, the other is to accelerate the reproduction of nitrifying bacteria, so that can play a faster and better establishment of nitrifying bacteria, generally three to four days can establish nitrification system.Some people say that nitrifying bacteria is useless ~ can also raise nitrifying bacteria without adding!Here art Yang want to say, yes, don’t add some strains can keep out nitrifying bacteria, but because of the characteristics of nitrifying bacteria reproduce slowly, this process is long and painful, “really” “if” “can” keep water is “patience” open cylinder can establish a good nitrifying bacteria, like by fast letters before, now is to rely on mobile phone text messages, there is nothing wrong with the old way,But don’t just reject new things.But this is what era, The Times are improving, science and technology in progress, I believe that fish will be more and more simple!How to determine the success of the nitrification system of your fish tank?General fish masters can see the water, but novice fish friends can not understand, the simplest way is to buy a test agent, test whether nitrite in the tank is 0, more than 0 means that the nitrite has not been established successfully or less bacteria, this is the simplest and most accurate way.How do you test if you don’t have the test?Simple water standards should meet the water is not fishy, and clear!No white!But there is a disadvantage, no accurate data!For insurance period, in no water quality detection, or keep water for half a month may be safer!How to maintain nitrification system later?Nitrifying bacteria collapse I believe we all know, so why does nitrifying bacteria collapse?There are a lot of reasons like;Too much biological water, insufficient oxygen supply, a large amount of cleaning filter material, too much water change, too much liquid fertilizer, will lead to the nitrification group collapse.So we can avoid this kind of thing in the process of fish farming in the future, but also know that the temperature of nitrifying bacteria to adapt to reproduction is between 20-32℃!Below 18℃, the activity basically stops and becomes dormant bacteria.And nitrifying bacteria are also aerobic bacteria, we also need to ensure that there is enough oxygen in the fish tank in the future, and our filter material!Filter material is to provide nitrifying bacteria carrier, only after the nitrifying bacteria attached to the carrier, will reproduce.Therefore, we must ensure that there are enough filter materials to provide enough carriers for nitrifying bacteria, or the nitrifying bacteria will not reproduce and work when floating in water.So just said that a large number of cleaning filter material will lead to the collapse of nitrifying bacteria, is this factor, cleaning filter material must not be all cleaned, or all the nitrifying bacteria above the filter material washed away, who will complete the work of nitrifying bacteria?Now Yiyang recommends a nitrifying bacteria to you, the second generation of fubettol nurse product. Compared with the first generation, this anti-water nester is a combination of nitrifying bacteria and yogurt, and the effect is very good. This anti-water nester has the double effect of nitrifying bacteria and yogurt!Pure natural fermentation of active bacteria, 1 billion live bacteria per milliliter, 24 hours of nitrate reduction!It can also break down baitfish poop!Remove the fishy smell in the water, reduce harmful toxins, make the water in our fish tank more clear and bright!In addition, this one can protect the intestine, improve appetite and enhance immunity. I believe that using this one can make fish experience unprecedented healthy and clean feeling!Thanks for reading, thank you!