31!A smooth finish, hats off to the model worker with four

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February 15, Beijing time, Beijing Winter Olympic Games 11th competition day.Alpine skiing continues today, the upcoming women’s downhill project, there are Chinese athletes Kong Fanying to participate in this project, is the only Asian in the competition.It is worth mentioning this is Kong Fan shadow in the fourth game of envy, in the previous game, she and Xu Mingfu, Zhang Mingyang two teenager in alpine skiing project create a lot of history for the Chinese delegation zero breakthrough, for women’s glide this project, don’t expect Kong Fan achieve how bright eye shadow, would be able to finish have been a very worth celebrating.Unlike men s alpine skiing, where 70 or 80 people take part in the event, women s downhill skiing has only 36 competitors and the competition is not particularly fierce.The reason is also very simple. Unlike the giant slalom, there are fewer flag gates to pass, and the skater has less cushion on speed, so the skalom is the most difficult alpine skiing event with the highest risk factor, with fewer participants and easier to understand.Woman glide project only round competition will decide the final medal, before Kong Fan shadow play, France’s Rudy mistakes himself hit the fence, tore heart crack lung scream to let a person very nervous, but medical staff rushed to put her away from site, a preliminary diagnosis of the knee joint injury, she hurt no matter, hope get well soon!Kong Fanying, the last of the 36 competitors, performed well and smoothly, finishing 31st with a time of 1:44.53.Seen at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics will find a lot of friends, many only sent a delegation of two athletes, their most athletes to participate in the alpine skiing, naturally think that this is a very easy to “quantity”, project threshold is very low, but the technical requirement of alpine skiing and difficulty is very high, but training threshold and threshold of equipment,The quota limit is relatively low compared to most events in the Winter Olympics, so Kong Fanying can get this result is very good, congratulations to her!