Li Ruotong celebrates Hu Bing’s 51st birthday by showing off his biceps

2022-04-29 0 By

On Feb 14, Li posted a photo of Hu bing’s birthday on social media, which attracted the attention of many netizens.In the photo, Li ruotong, wearing a sleeveless low-cut top, and Hu Bing, wearing a black vest, raised their fists together, showing off their developed biceps. The muscular lines are powerful, and the figure is not generally good.In addition to the figure can play outside, two people’s appearance level state is also very envy, birthday star Hu Bing is now 51 years old, Li Ruotong has also been 55 years old, but there are no traces of years on the face, the skin is still smooth and delicate, the appearance level is still so outstanding.After the photos were posted, netizens poured out their best wishes for Hu bing’s birthday, and many praised the pair’s muscular physique, worthy of the nickname “King Kong Barbie”.Hu Bing himself appeared in the comments section, writing: “Thank you Li Ruotong. I hope every day is warm, romantic and loving.”What many people don’t know is that Li ruotong and Hu Bing have had a 22-year friendship since they met on the TV series “The Family of Fate.””CAI Jia,” as Hu bing calls it, is the name of Li Ruotong’s character in the drama, who is in love with hu Bing’s hero.In August last year, Hu also celebrated Li’s birthday on social media, Posting a still from The drama.Li ruotong has short hair and is wearing an orange coat, while Hu Bing has long hair and a red scarf around his neck.Over the past 20 years, Hu Bing and Li Ruotong not only appearance level and body maintenance is proper, friendship also maintained very well.On the Tanabata Party the year before, the two sang the ending song of The Return of the Condor Heroes together, “Coming Back”, which caused a wave of memories.It is said that the two are not very smooth on the road of love, to 50 years seems to be still single, in the love life has not spread new dynamics.But don’t get me wrong, there is no ambiguous relationship between them, more like a pair of warm bosom friends.Finally, I wish Hu Bing a happy 51st birthday. I also wish hu Bing and Li Ruotong a lasting friendship, a higher career and an early search for true love.