Huangshan city: for “double recruit double lead” inject youth kinetic energy

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In recent years, she County has changed a lot.This time back, I feel more hometown attaches importance to talent, and I will rely on the work in Hangzhou Alibaba Group, to contribute to the career development of hometown.”February 5, the fifth day of the first lunar month, she county rich 堨 town Yang village to return to the young young Zheng in the face of the visit of the communist Youth League county committee sympathy with emotion.During the Spring Festival, the Communist Youth League system of Huangshan city actively carried out visits, symposia and other activities, gathering together to inject youth energy into the “double recruitment and double introduction”.During the Spring Festival, the communist Party committee of Shexian County makes full use of the opportunity of young talents returning home to visit relatives, and carries out the work of visiting and condoling during the Spring Festival.Since February 5th, Li Xiaodong, Secretary of the Communist Youth League County Committee, and representatives of members of the Young Entrepreneurs Association visited five overseas talents in the Internet, e-commerce and logistics industries, such as Alibaba Group, Hangzhou Douxuan Culture Media, Hangzhou Muraifu Supply Chain Management, and sent them “hot” New Year greetings.Actively promote and promote the preferential policies of high-quality resources, investment environment, finance and taxation and talent support in the county, and actively invite foreign talents to invest and start businesses in their hometowns.At the same time, the youth League county committee also collected more than 10 suggestions on the development of the county’s youth work.Group shexian county party committee visited young talents traveling abroad Li Xiaodong introduced, league county party committee seriously convey the study and implementation of the province to improve the work style for the local people practical, for the enterprise excellent environment conference spirit, sincerely be a good young talent “intimate friend”.Next, will give full play to the group of Bridges, through the dynamic and timely attention to travel the talent demand, help to relieve solution difficult problem, the heart with love for all kinds of hard young talents returning home business to create a good environment, to promote good travel the talents give full play to the advantages, youth power economic and social development of my hometown.Hu Huijun, secretary of the Party Committee of Yixian County, was also very busy this Spring Festival.She has visited in the yixian entrepreneurial “new county people” yi County Xidi barn bookstore legal person Wang Liangliang, the Beijing Institute of Technology management doctoral student Fu Zhengtang yi New Year wishes to them, and asked the demand policy.The county committee of Yixian County visited the “new Hoary county people” in the hoary bookstore. Hu Huijun had a detailed understanding of the development mode, business philosophy, difficulties and problems encountered in the development of the bookstore, and discussed the promotion of tourism quality in scenic spots, the development of cultural and tourism industry products, and the innovation and creativity of new tourism forms.During the dinner, everyone talked freely. Wang Liangliang also put forward valuable suggestions for the tourism development of Yixian county based on his own industry and field.When visiting Fu Zhengtang, Hu Huijun learned about his major direction and employment intention in detail, and listened to his suggestions on the development of Yixian.Hu Huijun said that centering on the implementation of the linkage between cities and counties to promote the work of “double recruitment and double introduction”, with an eye to building The county into a hot land for youth entrepreneurship, the Youth League County Committee would actively establish yixian Young Entrepreneurs Association to pool more outstanding young entrepreneurs and strengthen the linkage between inside and outside.Encourage young people to actively participate in the “Create Youth” and “Challenge Cup” series competitions, continue to implement youth entrepreneurship support projects, and improve the youth entrepreneurship support system;Strengthen communication with agriculture, social security, financial and other departments, promote youth employment and entrepreneurship probation base, youth innovation and entrepreneurship competition and other kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship and achievement transformation platform, guide the youth into the county innovation and entrepreneurship and high-quality development of hot practice.Group municipal party committee held overseas huangshan youth talent junction spring symposium, the reporter understands from pku, the eve of the Spring Festival, the city personnel department, pku, city young entrepreneurs association jointly organized the “barn swallow nest Sympathised with the native place “young foreign talent junction spring symposium, from Shanghai, nanjing, hefei, Hong Kong and overseas talented youth renew xiangyin, plan for development of my hometown.During the Spring Festival, the city, county (district) and township (street) competed to hold the new spring tea party of the representatives of the villagers living abroad and the representatives of the new villagers living in Huangshan, and the youth momentum of the new era continued to inspire, surging…Reporter Xie Tingting correspondent Sun Ke