College boys recognized “girlfriend height” standard, standard is more and more stringent, southern girls tied to the heart

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College students fall in love is a common thing, after all, most of the students are adults, parents will not follow the adulteration.With the high release of hormones, students are falling in love with each other.Students are sure to be jealous when their classmates fall in love.If you don’t have a wonderful love in college, you will definitely have regrets. Even if you don’t get together in the end, you will remember it deeply after many years.Male students looking for a girlfriend short is hard, even if not handsome, height can also be their extra points, most girls will not find a shorter than their boyfriend.On the contrary, boys also have requirements for the height of their girlfriends.As the standard of “girlfriend height” accepted by male college students is becoming stricter, it is easier for students with attractive and stylish female students in South China to find a partner.In the relatively open campus, students usually dress up and show their youthful vitality, so that they can attract more attention.After a questionnaire survey, 160 cm is the ideal height for girls.This height will not bring boys pressure, wear all types of shoes can be stable.Boys with a height of more than 185 cm and girls with a height of 165 cm are the most suitable, and 20 cm gold height difference will not have a sense of conflict.To wear different types of clothes with ease, girls must be of the right height.Southern girls say they have a hard time meeting this requirement.As the saying goes, “turnip green vegetables, everyone has his love,” the wenwan of the southern girl conquered a lot of northern boys.If they are not, they can make up for it with good looks and personality.Nobody is perfect, and promotion is not the only criterion for boys to choose girlfriends.In a university campus with abundant talents, students with strong comprehensive ability can get more attention.Universities and high schools have different emphasis on education, and academic performance in high school is the only criterion to judge whether a student is good or not.In college, besides academic performance, communication skills are also very important.After working in the club for a period of time, the students’ social skills have been significantly improved and they can handle things with ease.College is a small society, and only by entering the role as soon as possible can students’ abilities in all aspects be significantly improved.College students can not affect their family life, after all, college students spend their parents’ money, can not increase their parents’ economic pressure, fall in love must do according to one’s ability.College is an important stage for students to develop their three views. Falling in love during college is also a kind of experience for students as long as it does not go out of line.The right couples encourage each other together, learn from each other’s strengths and develop towards a better path.The path of postgraduate entrance examination is full of hardships, and the chances of getting on shore between couples will be greatly increased.The learning process allows both of you to make progress together, help each other find flaws, and the relationship will develop in a positive way.The road of two people’s postgraduate entrance examination will be much easier than a person fighting alone much better.College students have no financial resources, so they can’t spend money freely in love.You can do more part-time jobs without affecting your studies.Excellent college students usually know how to spend wisely.To make their own life in good order, college students must learn to manage their finances and not increase their parents’ living burden by spending money and overspending.Students with strong comprehensive ability can gain a firm foothold in the society. When they first enter the university campus, students are often shy and not good at communication.In school, students should seize every opportunity to improve themselves.Whether it is college clubs or student unions, students actively participate in improving their social skills.If college students lack confidence after graduation and cannot calmly face the challenges in their work, they will soon be eliminated, so college students need to experience in advance during their stay in school.College students are slow in thinking, it is difficult to establish a foothold in the society, with spirit of college students to get the favor of enterprises.”Otaku” and “women who don’t go out for a long time” should not be synonymous with young people.Students who can deal with things more properly must have strong social skills. Students with high IQ and eq can stand firm in the society.Students who read books will lose their social competitiveness.A person can’t stand out in the society by working alone, students should learn to cooperate and win.In addition to normal love, college students should also seize the opportunity to participate in social practice, and strive to be a versatile talent in the future.As the last stop for students to enter the society, university plays an important role.In addition to learning professional knowledge during the university, we should constantly improve our comprehensive ability.There’s nothing wrong with dating in college, and getting out of the rut can make both parties better off.Height is not the only standard for college students to fall in love, and small men do not have to be too self-abased. Self-cultivation is always the shining point of college students.There is no need to be sad when you fail in love. Students should always be their best selves and stride forward no matter what difficulties they encounter.