Alu Education has been awarded the title of “Demonstration Site of industry-education Integration of Vocational Education”

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Work for the implementation of the national professional skill talented person’s important instructions spirit, help to build skills in anhui province department action, quickening construction of mechanic big province, in-depth development of anhui radio and TV station skills anhui publicity, promote industry, professional, tandem, obtain employment, promote education chain, talent chain and industrial chain, innovation chain effective connection, founded “skills in anhui province”.On February 9, 2022, The Annual meeting of Alu Education Anhui Region was successfully held in Hefei. Jiang Huadong, producer of Anhui TV’s “Skills Anhui” program, pointed out at the meeting: “The ’14th Five-year Plan’ mentioned that skill improvement is a major plan for the country. Engaging in skill education industry is to make a contribution to the development of skilled talents.”At the same time, Teacher Jiang also affirmed the development and achievements of Alu education in the reform of the industry.As a vocational training institution with both reputation and strength in China, Anhui Superior Road Education will cultivate many vocational skills talents in 2021. At the same time, it has reached a talent training strategy with a number of enterprises and institutions in Anhui Province, and won recognition from students and cooperative enterprises.Skills Anhui recognizes the teaching concept, faculty, intelligent teaching products, teaching model and service system of Alu Education.For optimal way education in anhui vocational education field to make excellent achievement, “skill of anhui” awarded best way education “vocational education teaching fusion production demonstration site” honor, and held the opening ceremony, on skill talent cultivation and output at the same time, encourage optimal way education relying on industry resources and their own advantages, continue to make contributions to skill training business.Youlu education adheres to practical work and innovation, keeps pace with The Times, gives full play to the advantages of the platform, and devotes itself to building a vocational education talent training base.After more than ten years of continuous cultivation of vocational education track, at present, Superior Education has built a nationwide service network, formed a stable team of its own teachers, formed a rich matrix of course products and standardized teaching management system.Skill upgrading is a national plan, engage in vocational education industry, follow the direction of social development.In the future, Youlu education will keep up with the pace of The Times, keep demanding itself with high standards, give full play to the role of training skilled talents, build a valuable platform for precision learning, and make contributions to the training of skilled talents in the country.