In 2021, scientific and technological achievements of Health system in Shanxi Province have made great achievements

2022-04-28 0 By

Recently, the people’s government of Shanxi Province announced the decision on 2021 Science and technology awards in Shanxi Province, awarding 201 scientific and technological achievements in the province, involving 41 items in the field of health, accounting for more than 20%, and the number of awards is among the best in all industries.In recent years, the provincial health front scientific and technical workers in the “science and technology innovation to be geared to the needs of the people’s life and health” under the guidance of work’s policy, strengthen three engineering, 136, 1331, 111, further promote the “four of a batch of” medical science and technology innovation plan, to speed up the building YiJiaoYan synergy, well versed in, innovation and development system of medical and medical professionals,The prize-winning achievements in meteorological elements “the study of the relationship between the onset of stroke”, “used in Chinese medicine extraction of multi-function extraction tank”, “listed varieties hematuria capsule quality standards rise and the effects and mechanism studies”, “medical titanium base building and bone implants surface active coating integration mechanism”, a group of good potential good landmark achievements and social influence.Next, the health science and technology will work in following the example of award-winning units and individuals, adhere to scientific and technological innovation “four dimensions”, strive to overcome thetime key core technology “, strive to form a batch of major scientific and technological achievements, trademark for our province to encourage to make greater contributions to the development of high quality is the escort health in Shanxi Province.