Suzhou: Wujiang, there is no place to look down upon, such as here

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Article | 丨 YuZhenHong suzhou wujiang 丨 tai su chi association added a new member: hong-jie fan, Shen Weiqiang, YuZhenHong nanxun north, until the taihu lake, the town is seven.Road signs write “Taihu Seven”, people outside the north window, Taihu thirty-six thousand hectares, thousands of years, the atmosphere is very.Such a place, to give out first-class people, even out of bandits, is also a shock southeast “Taihu bandits”, will not be petty theft.Qidu town was formed by the merger of the five, six, seven and eight capitals of Laodizi in Wujiang. The land was located in the westernmost part of Suzhou prefecture and was separated from Huzhou in Zhejiang Province by a road. There was no guantang Canal in Laodizi, so it seemed remote.In the late period of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement, after Hong Xiuquan committed suicide in Nanjing in June of the third year of tongzhi, Huzhou became the last stronghold of the Taiping Army in the south of the Yangtze River. Huang Wenjin, the king of Block, guarded the line from Huzhou to Qidu with 100,000 heavy troops. Liu Bingzhang, Pan Dingxin, Li Zhaobin and other generals of the Huai Army also gathered qidu and fought for a month.Fan Hongjie said: this month, the most powerful men in the 19th century in China are all in Qidu!The number of jinshi, juren and tribute students not only exceeds that of hemp in my township, but also that of Chongfu Town (chongde county in ancient times).It should be noted that Chongfu is the chongde county seat of Laodizi, and the seven towns are located in Wujiang. Therefore, chongfu cannot be counted as one of the seven towns and three small towns, but only a small town.Fan Hongjie sighs: alas, compare all tears.In the early years of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Shijun, the seventh capital, opened a private publishing house, named “Zecuntang”. The editors he hired were first-class scholars at that time, including Zhu Yizun.Zecuntang, though secluded in a corner of Taihu Lake, is as famous as the Ji Gu Ge of MAO’s family in Changshu, and its influence is equivalent to the current Zhonghua Book Company, the Commercial Press and Zhejiang Ancient Books Publishing House.Zhang’s “Ze Cun Tang primary school five kinds”, so far is a particularly important classic, I bought a variety of, unfortunately, do not understand, used to decorate the facade.During the Reign of Emperor Qianlong, on the site of qidu town, The Confucian Six Capitals was born.This chronicle occupies a very important position in Chinese local Chronicles.As we know, town and village Chronicles are not uncommon in the south of the Yangtze River, but all Chronicles are a great innovation. The Six Capitals of the Confucian Forest is the earliest and only one in China.This is Suzhou, there is no place to look down upon!By the Way, there is an old house by the river, which is very grand. I ask the old man that it is by the Sun family, which was built in the Qing Dynasty and is a nice one.The Sun family was a great family in Qidu.In the late Ming dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, sun Chun and Sun Zhaokui were both my favorites.Sun is a complex social leaders, running east west, life in the complex social, he’s quite beam mountain “stalker” and “dryland HuLv”, this kind of life, is very interesting, I read “water margin”, especially like the two, so read late Ming, also especially like sun, sun is a real person, let a person feel life is not so far away,Maybe it will.Sun Zhaokui was an anti-Qing martyr. He was captured by the Qing army in Nanjing. Before he died, Hong Chengchou (a Ming dynasty minister who surrendered to the Qing Court during the Battle of Songshan) asked him whether Shi Kefa was really dead or hidden.Sun Zhaokui asked in reply: Chongzhen had a hong Chengchou, who died and blocked the territory. The first emperor offered sacrifices to him, and now another Hong Chengchou, is he a person?Two people?This question and answer is so famous that it has been featured in history books in the past, comparable to a song of Integrity.Wu Lou doesn’t have many old houses any more.Jiamutang, closed door, I wonder whose courtyard?On the first day of the New Year, the sun suddenly came out, a good omen.But in Suzhou, it rains very well.Walk the old street, go to the countryside, go to Jiangcun (open string bow), Mr. Fei Xiaotong “Jiangcun economy” birthplace.Same town. We’ll be there soon.Into the village, archway wrote “China River village”, as expected atmosphere.Fei Xiaotong Memorial Hall, saw the photos of the twin Tower Bridge, the movie “Du Shiniang angry Sink the Treasure Chest”, I have an impression.Time is tight, save for the next visit, this time to see the east Temple bridge.The ancient bridge of The Southern Song Dynasty (1228 — 1233), The East Temple Bridge, asked the old man, what a coincidence, the family name of the village is also Song, song rhyme!Fan hongjie said: East Temple Bridge built up to today, 800 years, we must be the first cannabis people to arrive.Neem tree open on bridge, very beautiful, photos can not tell the truth, hard shot, not free from vulgity.The river under the bridge is very strange. There is an old house on the other side. Everything is just right.The village is very quiet, frost leaves red flowers in February, or the artistic conception of tang poetry, standing on the bridge to take a look, home, three feet road, the original is Zhejiang.